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This repository contains various pieces of software and libraries that make
up what was formerly known as the Flixn Media Platform (FMP). FMP was intended
to be a sort of "Swiss Army Knife" for web-based rich media, video in
particular. A great deal of functionality is provided in this repository, much
of it is not documented and some of it is not complete. Although contained in
this repository is code that will enable one to relatively easily implement
many of the most complex rich media scenarios in common use today that uses the
web browser as a platform, this project is considered dead by Flixn, Inc., and
its other contributors. There will be no further documentation or updates

Some of the contents of this repository include:
  * Flash Components
    - A complete and fairly feature-rich flash-based player component, allowing
      playback of video and audio content.
    - A recorder component, to facilitate recording from a users microphone
      and/or webcam to a Flash Media Server installation
    - An uploader component, for uploading any type of file to a configurable
    - Live publisher and viewer components, for implementing rich A/V chat
      functionality (Release date not yet determined).
    - An extensive library implementing the common functionality of each of
      these components. The library also enables runtime configuration of
      component instances and other features necessary for a mass-deployment
  * A number of scripts enabling S3 storage of media, database-driven
    transcoding ala ffmpeg, statistics, usage information and automated
    metadata gathering ala mediainfo.
  * Partitioned web frontends that provide a means for both end-user
    configuration as well as supporting component deployment.

Little to none of this software will work without additional development or
customization. You cannot simply "install" FMP, development and administrative
expertise are definite requirements to get this platform working. Absolutely
no unpaid/free support will be provided.

This software is provided under the terms of a 3-clause BSD license, see the
file named COPYING in the root of this repository.