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A browser extension that displays the GPT-2 Log Probability of selected text
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GPTrue or False Browser Extension

A browser extension that displays the likelihood that selected portions of text were generated by GPT-2.

Among the many things that OpenAI's GPT-2 model can do, one of these is detecting with a certain amount of certainty whether a given portion of text is human-generated. This extension hopes to bring this functionality to your browser (Chrome and Firefox).

Inspired by this tweet from Andrej Karpathy, the director of AI at Tesla.

The extension is written using Mozilla's WebExtension browser API Polyfill, to be able to use Promises while developing cross-browser (Chrome and Firefox) extensions.

The extension makes use of HTTP requests to the detector API designed by OpenAI and hosted publicly here by Hugging Face (huge thanks!).

Use the Extension

The extension works on both Chrome and Firefox. Follow the links below to install it on your preferred browser:


This repository is public for more than just showing how the extension works. I would be more than happy to have other people work on this project. Please refer to for more details.


I would like to thank Andrew Karpathy for the idea and David Ma for retweeting it with some incentive.

I would like to thank Alexandre Girard of JoliBrain for a quick demo he posted and putting pressure on me to get to work on this before someone else did.

I would like to thank the team at Hugging Face for hosting OpenAI's detector publically.

And of course, I would like to thank the team at OpenAI for developing GPT-2 in the first place.

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