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My scripts and tiny programs for Emacs.

  • extract-string-from-webpage.el - retrieve a webpage and return all occurrences of a regexp; usage: read the docstrings by doing
    • M-x load-file
    • extract-string-from-webpage.el RET
    • C-h f extract-string-from-webpage RET
  • string-list-composer.el - sum and product of string lists; usage: load it with M-x load-file RET C-h f slc/insert RET
  • teletype.el - teletype-like printing function for Emacs; usage instructions in the docstring:
    • M-x load-file RET
    • C-h f teletype-in-new-buffer RET

    you may also see a short demo with M-x teletype-run-demo

  • japanese-furigana - an example Org file to write Japanese text and optionally put furigana signs over kanji; I provided also the expected PDF output and source of expected HTML output of the Org example; due to a GitHub limitation you can’t see the rendered HTML output online, but you may download the HTML file and open it locally with your browser
  • learnjap.el - tells you the meaning and readings of a kanji, and reading of hiragana/katakana; download the .el files in the learnjap directory, load them with M-x load-file RET learnjap.el RET and read the docstrings with C-h f learnjap/show-learnjap-info RET
  • include-many-files - an Org Babel block that adds #+INCLUDE: tags for all the files of a directory