Project for Harvard's CS50x online course.
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See pictures posted from anywhere in the world by clicking on the map. Save your favorite locations so you can get to them easily the next time. Currently supports Instagram.

Mapster uses the Google Maps API to display the map and the elements within it. When the user selects a location, the coordinates are sent to the next page, where an asynchronous call is made to the Instagram servers using AJAX and the Instagram API.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL were used in creating this website. Initial development was done on a Windows machine, and later the PHP and SQL integration was done on the CS50 Appliance, a Linux based system.

A video was part of the requirement towards acceptance of the final project for Harvard's online offering of the popular CS50 course. Here it is:

NOTE: Instagram's Developer API changed in 2016 so an additional authentication will have to be implemented to get it working again.