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Dawnscanner - changelog

Dawnscanner is a static analysis security scanner for ruby written web applications. It supports Sinatra, Padrino and Ruby on Rails frameworks.

latest update: Tue Nov 1 22:47:56 CET 2016

Version 1.6.7 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-11-24)

  • Removed a typo preventing CVE bulletins to be loaded in the KB
  • Removed CVSS as external dependency. Now it is a Dawn::Cvss module
  • Dropped sys-uname dependency. Using shell 'uname -r' instead
  • Dropped ptools dependency. Pattern matching will run also with binary files.
  • Applied pull request #217 - Add bundler as runtime dependency - by @kolybasov
  • Applied pull request #216 - Add TraviCI setup to README - by @vpolimenov
  • Applied pull request #215 - Fixes issue where debug mode was always enabled by @bartj3

Version 1.6.6 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-11-01)

  • Changed config filename to dawnscanner.yml
  • Adding a check for CVE-2016-5697: XML signature wrapping attack in ruby-saml
  • Adding a check for CVE-2016-6316: Possible XSS Vulnerability in Action View
  • Adding a check for CVE-2016-6317: Unsafe Query Generation Risk in Active Record
  • Adding a check for CVE-2016-6582: Doorkeeper gem does not revoke tokens & uses wrong auth/auth method
  • Issue #172 - Adding a check for OSVDB-132234: rack-attack Gem for Ruby missing normalization before request path processing. Please note that OSVDB it has been shutted down, however I was not able to find a CVE entry for this.

Version 1.6.5 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-09-30)

  • Issue #212 - CVE-2014-2538 is marked as being vulnerable to rack-ssl 1.3.4. The check was triggered for rack-ssl version < 1.4.0. However 1.3.4 is marked as safe, so the check has to be changed as well.

Version 1.6.4 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-09-27)

  • Issue #199 - CVE-2015-4020 seems to give the wrong Solution
  • Issue #168 - Dawn fails for many CVEs that rails 3.2.22 is not vulnerable to

Version 1.6.3 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-09-06)

  • Issue #107 - Applying PULL REQUEST from @MKgridSec about CVE-2013-0334 check
  • Issue #196 - Applying PULL REQUEST from @MKgridSec about CVE 2016 0751 incorrectly flagged
  • Issue #197 - Applying PULL REQUEST from @MKgridSec about CVE-2016-2098 incorrectly flagged

Version 1.6.2 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-03-02)

  • Issue #194 - Adding a check for CVE-2016-2098: Possible remote code execution vulnerability in Action Pack
  • Issue #193 - Adding a check for CVE-2016-2097: Possible Information Leak Vulnerability in Action View
  • Issue #192 - Applying PULL REQUEST from @jasnow about RSPEC deprecation warning fix.

Version 1.6.1 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-02-24)

  • Issue #191 - Fixing an issue, applying a pull request by @fronzeSolid, about CVE-2015-1820 false positive in check description.

Version 1.6.0 - codename: Tow Mater (2016-02-03)

  • Issue #186 - Adding a check for CVE-2015-7576: Timing attack vulnerability in basic authentication in Action Controller
  • Issue #185 - Adding a check for CVE-2016-0751: Possible Object Leak and Denial of Service attack in Action Pack
  • BUGFIX in is_vulnerable_minor? in case of version length mismatch, there was an error evaluating if safe_version.length > detected_version.length block
  • BUGFIX in is_vulnerable_aux_patch? when detected version has no auxiliary patch (eg. 3.5.3) and safe version has it (eg. the check was not triggered the right way. Now aux patch is forced to 0 when missing and when one of twos has it.
  • Issue #184 - Adding a check for CVE-2015-7577: Nested attributes rejection proc bypass in Active Record.
  • Issue #183 - Adding a check for CVE-2015-7579: XSS vulnerability in rails-html-sanitizer
  • Issue #182 - Adding a check for CVE-2016-0752: Possible Information Leak Vulnerability in Action View
  • Issue #181 - Adding a check for CVE-2016:0753: Possible Input Validation Circumvention in Active Model
  • Issue #180 - Adding a check for CVE-2015-7578: Possible XSS vulnerability in rails-html-sanitizer
  • Issue #179 - Adding a check for CVE-2015-7581: Object leak vulnerability for wildcard controller routes in Action Pack
  • BUGFIX in is_higher? when a version with an aux patch number was compared with a one without ('' vs '1.2.3') the incorrect result were triggered.
  • BUGFIX in is_same_version? when a beta version is to be evaluated, during comparison the beta number must be discarded.
  • BUGFIX in is_vulnerable_beta? handling situation when either safe version or detected version doesn't have the beta number
  • BUGFIX in is_vulnerable_rc? handling situation when either safe version or detected version doesn't have the rc number
  • BUGFIX in is_vulnerable_pre? handling situation when either safe version or detected version doesn't have the pre number
  • Issue #173 handles a lot of CVE about nokogiri rubygem due to libxml version embedded on it:
    • CVE-2015-5312: DoS in xmlStringLenDecodeEntities()
    • CVE-2015-7497: DoS in xmlDictComputeFastQKey()
    • CVE-2015-7498: DoS in xmlParseXmlDecl()
    • CVE-2015-7499: In memory information disclosure due to heap-based buffer overflow in the xmlGROW()
    • CVE-2015-7500: DoS in xmlParseMisc()
    • CVE-2015-8241: Information disclosure and DoS in xmlNextChar()
    • CVE-2015-8242: Information disclosure and DoS in xmlSAX2TextNode()
    • CVE-2015-8317: Information disclosure in xmlParseXMLDecl()
  • Issue #171 - Adding a check for CVE-2015-7541: colorscore Gem for Ruby lib/colorscore/histogram.rb Arbitrary Command Injection
  • Issue #169 - Adding a check for CVE-2015-7519: Phusion Passenger Server allows to overwrite headers in some cases
  • BUGFIX in bin/dawn when target from command line is '.'. The directory name must be expanded to save results
  • Issue #177 BUGFIX. HTML reporting is broken. The line "support_path = File.join(Dir.pwd, 'support')" in reporter.rb:40 is used to build the path for support files (css, js) to be copied in the output directory. If you call dawn using '.' as target directory name, an exeception is raised. Fixed changing the line this way: "support_path = File.join(File.dirname(FILE), '..', '..', 'support')"
  • Issue #177 BUGFIX. HTML filename creation is honored when -F flag is used.
  • Issue #177 IMPROVEMENT. As @mort666 suggested, now bootstrap and jquery are loaded from CDN and specific CSS is now embedded in the HTML report in a minified form.

Version 1.5.2 - codename: Tow Mater (2015-12-16)

  • Back on issue #170. Engine.rb still requires code metrics stuff. Commented out.

Version 1.5.1 - codename: Tow Mater (2015-12-09)

  • Issue #170 - Error with code_metrics library cause Dawn to exit. Stats are not ready to be wired up yet. Commenting them out.

Version 1.5.0 - codename: Tow Mater (2015-12-09)

  • Issue #92 - Fix CVE-2014-3483 incorrectly triggers for a Rails 3 app.
  • Issue #94 - dawn: Owasp Ror CheatSheet: Session management check failed
  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-1819 : DoS in libxml embedded in nokogiri versions prior to
  • Issue #129 - Adding a check for OSVDB 118954 : Ruby on Rails ActiveModel::Name to_json Call Infinite Loop Remote DoS
  • VersionCheck - fixed an issue about minor versioning logic, mostly used for 'rails' gem.
  • Issue #130 - Adding a check for OSVDB 119878 : rest-client Gem for Ruby abstract_response.rb Redirection Response Set-Cookie Headers Handling Session Fixation
  • Issue #123 - Adding a check for OSVDB 116010 : Doorkeeper Gem for Ruby access_token Disclosure CSRF
  • Issue #124 - Adding a check for OSVDB 115654 : Sentry raven-ruby lib/raven/okjson.rb Exponent / Scientific Notation Value Handling Resource Consumption DoS
  • Issue #126 - Adding a check for OSVDB 117903 : ruby-saml URI SAML Response Handling Remote Command Execution
  • Issue #163 - Adding a check for OSVDB 122162 : RubyGems remote_fetcher.rb api_endpoint() Function Missing SRV Record Hostname Validation Request Hijacking
  • Introduced a new core check Dawn::Kb::GemCheck for all checks related to RubyGems framework.
  • Issue #164 - Adding a check for OSVDB 121701 : open-uri-cached Gem for Ruby Unsafe Temporary File Creation Local Privilege Escalation
  • Issue #165 - Adding a check for OSVDB 120857 : refile Gem for Ruby remote_image_url Attachment Remote Command Execution
  • Issue #166 - Adding a check for OSVDB 120415 : redcarpet Gem for Ruby markdown.c parse_inline() Function XSS
  • Issue #161 - Mark as deprecated --rails, --padrino and --sinatra flags. MVC detection will be automatic.
  • Marked --gem-lock flag as deprecated. The dependencies check now is done using --dependencies flag
  • Engine apply method it has been refactored to delete duplicated code
  • Engine _do_apply method it has been marked as private with some touch of refactoring
  • Issue #146 - Dependency check for installation troubles. Removed 'parser' and 'ptools' gem from Gemfile and commented out 'grit' until version 2.0.0. Unfortunately I can't handle signed third party gems with an expired certificate.
  • Ascii Table Reporting: now reports in ascii table are the default and now tables are written in separated text files under a dawnscanner/results/target/timestamp specific folder in $HOME directory. Issue #149.
  • HTML Reporting: now reports are saved in their own folder (please, refere yourself to Ascii Table point for folder naming convention) with their own JS and CSS folder. This will lead customers to easy organize HTML output fitting their needs. Issue #149
  • HTML Reporting: fixing up link and findings in report body. Issue #149
  • Reports: removed 'priority' from all reports. Pretty useless, it can be removed in future release. Issue #149.
  • Added '--console' to ask report in ascii text, no tables. Before this release this flag was useless since ascii text was the standard format. Issue #149.
  • Deprecated '--ascii-tabular-report'. It takes ages for writing... better '--tabular'. Issue #149.
  • -C, vulnerability count: now output is written to STDERR and fixed an issue causing output to be written always in JSON, even when not requested'
  • Adding SQLite3 and Data Mapper dependencies
  • Created a scan registry stored in $HOME/dawnscanner/db directory
  • Added a '--list-scan-registry' flag to print all registry entries
  • Changed config filename to dawnscanner.yaml
  • Kb dump method moved from Dawn::Core to Dawn::KnowledgeBase
  • Added a title for checks, useful for quick reporting

Version 1.4.2 - codename: Tow Mater (2015-10-13)

  • Applying pull request #140. Thanks to @j15e for fixing an issue with logger method causing dawn to abort. Thank you also to Igor to prompt me about this issue existing again.

Version 1.4.1 - codename: Tow Mater (2015-10-13)

  • Applying pull request #145. Thanks to @wmotti, a typo in CVE-2015-1840 has been fixed and the following false positives have been fixed as well: jquery-rails 3.1.4, rack 1.5.5, activesupport 4.1.13

Version 1.4.0 - codename: Tow Mater (2015-09-16)

  • Fixing issue #144. CVE-2013-4491 detected rails version 3.2.22 as vulnerable meanwhile it is not.
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-7818: Directory traversal in Action Pack contained in Ruby on Rails before 3.2.20, 4.0.11, 4.1.7 and 4.2.0.beta3
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-7819: Directory traversal in multiple sprocket versions.
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-4975: DoS in Ruby interpreter 1.9.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-3916: DoS in Ruby interpreter 1.9.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-7829: Directory traversal in several rails versions
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-8090: DoS in REXML parser in some ruby interpreter versions.
  • Adding a check for CVE-2012-6674: XSS in RedCloth gem (issue #143)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-9490: Denial of Service in raven-ruby gem (issue #124)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-3448: Information leakage in rest-client gem (issue #125)

Version 1.3.5 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2015-07-29)

  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-293: XSS in the paperclip gem (issue #139)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-1840: CSRF in jquery-rails and jquery-ujs gems. Please note that this is the first (and I hope the only) dependency check splitted in two parts. People from NVD assigned a single CVE to a vulnerability affecting two related but different gems. (issue #135)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-3224: Whitelist bypass rack gem (issue #133)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-3225: DoS in rack gem (issue #136)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-3226: XSS in activesupport gem (issue #134)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2015-3227: DoS in activesupport gem (issue #137)
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-119927: MITM attack for http gem (issue #131)
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-119878: Session Fixation for rest-client gem (issue #130)
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-118954: Denial of service for rails gem (issue #129)
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-118579: MySQL credentials disclosure due to a flaw
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-118830: Sensitive information stored in production logs (issue #127)

Version 1.3.1 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2015-02-19)

  • Fixed last namespace pollution errors. Codesake namespace went away (issue #101)

Version 1.3.0 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2015-02-18)

  • Renewing digital signing certificate (issue #100)

Version 1.2.99 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2015-01-07)

  • Add a deprecation message. This is the last codesake-dawn release. New gem will be called dawnscanner.
  • gem name changed from codesake-dawn to dawnscanner. Binary program remains 'dawn' but the repository is moved here:

Version 1.2.0 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-07-14)

  • Adding a check for OSVDB-108569: information disclosure in backup_checksum gem (issue #69)
  • Fix issue #74. Now BasicChack has its own cve, osvdb attributes and a rake task will perform a sanity check if those values have been initialized
  • Fix issue #62 about codesake-dawn config filename
  • Adding a check for CVE-2013-2105: HTML injection in show_in_browser rubygem
  • Fixing issue #68. I moved some file variable operation after the check for nil value. I can't reproduce on my station the offending bug :-(
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-108570: arbitrary command execution for backup_checksum gem (issue #70)
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-108530: remote code execution for kajam gem (issue #71)
  • Adding a check for OSVDB-108563: remote code execution in gyazo rubygem (issue #72)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-3482: SQL Injection on Rails 3.2.x due to PostgreSQL adapter for active record (issue #73)
  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-3483: Ruby on Rails 4.x SQL Injection due to PostgreSQL adapter (issue #75)
  • Fix issue #76 about codesake-dawn gem name being changed. On November 1st, 2014 we will rename the codesake-dawn name to just 'dawn' cleaning up also the namespace.

Version 1.1.3 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-05-06)

  • Adding a check for CVE-2014-0130: directory traversal for ruby on rails

Version 1.1.2 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-04-22)

  • Adding a check for OSVDB-105971: remote code execution for sfpagent ruby gem

Version 1.1.1 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-04-11)

  • Fixing issue #52. The trailing '/' must be removed in File.exist? A begin - rescue block was added so to handle any exception. The default configuration is returned in case of error.
  • Fixed issue #53. Both get_rbenv_ruby_ver and get_rvm_ruby_ver doesn't prepand @target when trying to fetch ruby version file content.
  • Fix issue #54. There were some unconsistence in command line call when forcing the MVC instead of autodetect it. I refactored the part and it was back to work now.
  • Fixed issue #55. Introducing yaml config file, gemfile_name default value is empty string not nil anymore. Therefore bin/dawn must check for emptyness not for nil value.
  • Issue #57: @zoltrain made a pull request to add vulnerability properties to json output in reporter class.
  • Issue #38. During the discussion, @shaneog pointed out that --disable-ror-cheatsheet flag worked but disabling the whole family from the YAML config file didn't. Due to a silly typo the magic didn't happened. Fixed now.

Version 1.1.0 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-04-04)

  • Added a check for CVE-2011-5036
  • Added a check for CVE-2012-6109
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-0183
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-0184
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-0262
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-1607
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-2512
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-2513
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-2516
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-4203
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-4413
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-4489
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-4593
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-5671
  • Added a check for CVE-2014-0080
  • Added a check for CVE-2014-2525
  • Added remaining compliance checks against Owasp Ruby on Rails cheatsheet. Some other checks in the cheatsheet can't be turned into a Dawn test, so all the cheatsheet content is covered since now.
  • Added a --ascii-tabular-report (-a) to produce a report formatted with ascii tables. A bit of bin/dawn refactoring was necessary.
  • Added a --json (-j) to produce JSON reports
  • Added a --html (-h) to produce HTML reports
  • Added a --file (-F) flag to save report to supplied filename
  • Added Dawn gem signature as described in README is modified accordingly with new installation suggestions. Added also gem SHA512 checksum in repository.
  • Added a not_affected attribute to dependency check to flag as not vulnerable previous versions
  • CVE-2013-2090: we were uncertain about previous cremefraiche version if they were vulnerable or not. Gem author, yanked all previous version but the latest released 29 January 2014. We removed the rspec check for version < 0.6.x
  • basic_check.rb: due to the great @rubysec guys work, the link to their site is provided as well. True to be told, there are some CVE valid but not found on NVID website, so having @rubysec link is even more accurate in those situations.
  • New Dawn::Kb::VersionCheck class to provide version specific checks, supporting beta version number, release candidate and pre. Fully integrated with DepedencyCheck and RubyVersionCheck
  • Issue #34. I added a deprecation check. However I haven't found an official link saying which are MVC gem version to be considered officially deprecated or just old. I enabled only check against ruby
  • Added a --seach-knowledge-base removing the optional parameter to --list-knowledge-base that is just for listing.
  • Renamed '--list-knowledgebase' to '--list-knowledge-base' and '-k' short option was removed
  • Added a --list-known-families option printing out Dawn supported check family name
  • Removed '-f' short option for list-known-framework
  • Added family and severity to Owasp RoR Cheatsheet files
  • Add a method to return severity level. If it's provided by check constructor then that value is used, otherwise is calculated using CVSS. If no value and no CVSS are available the return value is "unknown".
  • Removed old ruby version check from BasicCheck. It's outdated and no longer needed
  • Added --disable-cve-bulletins flag to disable all CVE security checks
  • Added --disable-code-quality flag to disable all code quality checks
  • Added --disable-code-style flag to disable all code style checks
  • Added --disable-owasp-ror-cheatsheet flag to disable all Owasp Ruby on Rails cheatsheet checks
  • Added --disable-owasp-top-10 flag to disable all Owasp Top 10 checks
  • Revamped help output
  • Added YAML Dawn configuration support. Now you can specify your preferences in a .codesake-dawn.yaml file in your home directory (or you can use the --config-file option to specify the file you want to use). It returns an embedded default configuration if the supplied filename doesn't exist.
  • Nokogiri DoS security checks discovered in December 2013, now have their own CVE: CVE-2013-6460 and CVE-2013-6461

Version 1.0.6 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-03-23)

  • Added a check for CVE-2014-2538

Version 1.0.5 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-03-18)

  • Added a check for CVE-2014-2322
  • Added a check for CVE-2014-0036

Version 1.0.4 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-03-14)

  • Backporting of some CVEs introduced in 2014 from the development branch. Since it will take some time to improve dawn 1.1 and since I forgot to merge some useful CVE released since January also in master, I do it know. Please note that, due to a big change in DependencyCheck class the check against CVE-2014-0080 will be only available with dawn 1.1.

    Backported checks are:

    • CVE-2014-1233: The paratrooper-pingdom gem 1.0.0 for Ruby allows local users to obtain the App-Key, username, and password values by listing the curl process.
    • CVE-2014-1234: The paratrooper-newrelic gem 1.0.1 for Ruby allows local users to obtain the X-Api-Key value by listing the curl process.
    • CVE-2014-0081: Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in rails
    • CVE-2014-0082: Denial of service in Rails before 3.2.17

    New security checks are for Owasp ROR Cheatsheet:

    • Check for safe redirect and forward
    • Check for sensitive file

Version 1.0.3 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-02-13)

  • Fixing issue #37. Now the rake task is successfully loaded when you require the 'codesake/dawn/tasks' path. The task is dawn:run.

Version 1.0.2 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-01-27)

  • Fixing issue #27. With rainbow gem version 2.0.0 there is an exception while codesake-commons logging facilities tries to print something with the .color method. Now Dawn uses a new codesake-commons gem version that fixes how rainbow gem deals with colorized output.

Version 1.0.1 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-01-25)

  • Fixing issue #22. PatternMatchingCheck evaluates lines starting with the '#' when applying regular expresion to get the job done. Of course this can be an issue when it finds offending patterns inside comments (and this is why using pattern matching in a security code review is EVIL!). Now there is an attribute, avoid_comments that tells the class to eventually strip leading whitespaces from string and not to apply regex if the line is starting with '#'. Again, applying pattern matching approach to security leads to a lot of false positives and should be avoided when possible, even with low severity checks like this.
  • Fixing issue #21. RoR cheatsheet security checks now have a detailed message telling what's wen wrong with the code and why the check fired.

Version 1.0.0 - codename: Lightning McQueen (2014-01-21)

  • Fixing issue #19 ( There was a problem on is_a_vulnerable_version? routine that flags a security check as vulnerable even if it wasn't. During the dependency check, if the vulnerable gem and the dependency has both major and minor version equal and the patch number tells if the gem is vulnerable or not, this check failed.
  • ruby_version_check.rb: fixed an issue on is_vulnerable_patchlevel? that caused a nil pointer exception when ruby interpreter patchlevel was evaluated
  • ruby_version_check.rb: fixed an issue on is_vulnerable_patchlevel? that loads the safe patchlevels comparing the wrong parameter.
  • Added a rake task to better integrate codesake-dawn in a continous development workflow. Now when you install codesake-dawn you have a 'rake dawn' task executing the tool on the current directory.
  • In BasicCheck::is_vulnerable_version? added support for the fourth version number. We needed this to implement check for CVE-2013-7086
  • Fixing issue #20. is_vulnerable_version? has a problem when the patchlevel is the same but there are only three different version numbers (x.y.z format). The last change introduces this vuln. Thank you Florin for opening the issue.
  • Created a dedicated web site:
  • Fixing issue #8. The omniauth-oauth2 version 1.1.1 has a CSRF vulnerability (CVE-2012-6134). The patch is already merged in the git repository but there are no further gem releases. The suggested mitigation is to tell your Gemfile to fetch the code directly from github rather then using
  • Fixing issue #18. Owasp RoR Cheatsheet check was missing of message and mitigation step.
  • Fixing issue #17 with some more directories to be in whitelist in pattern matching check. More exclusions will be added in further releases
  • Added spec files for almost all security checks after 2008. Almost all kind of checks (dependency, pattern matching, combo, ruby version) are covered by a test.
  • DependencyCheck assumes that if x.y.z version fixes an issue, every minor version in the same major are affected as well. This assumption is risky, so we introduced an attribute saying that the previous minor versions are affected or not. This attribute is automagically set to true in dependencies check when dealing with the rails gem. This assumption is not done for previous major versions. Let's say a gem version 1.2.3 has a problem, DependencyCheck doesn't say nothing about 0.9.3, but it thinks 1.1.9 is vulnerable.
  • Added a check for CVE-2004-0755
  • Added a check for CVE-2004-0983
  • Added a check for CVE-2005-1992
  • Added a check for CVE-2005-2337
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-1931
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-2582
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-3694
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-4112
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-5467
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-6303
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-6852
  • Added a check for CVE-2006-6979
  • Added a check for CVE-2007-0469
  • Added a check for CVE-2007-5162
  • Added a check for CVE-2007-5379
  • Added a check for CVE-2007-5380
  • Added a check for CVE-2007-5770
  • Added a check for CVE-2007-6077
  • Added a check for CVE-2007-6612
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-1145
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-1891
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-2376
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-2662
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-2663
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-2664
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-2725
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-3655
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-3657
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-3790
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-3905
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-4094
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-4310
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-5189
  • Added a check for CVE-2008-7248
  • Added a check for CVE-2009-4078
  • Added a check for CVE-2009-4124
  • Added a check for CVE-2009-4214
  • Added a check for CVE-2010-2489
  • Added a check for CVE-2010-3933
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-0188
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-0739
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-1004
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-1005
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-2686
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-2705
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-2930
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-3009
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-3187
  • Added a check for CVE-2011-4319
  • Added a check for CVE-2012-1098
  • Added a check for CVE-2012-2139
  • Added a check for CVE-2012-2671
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-0162
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-0256
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-0263
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-1756
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-2090
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-2119
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-5647
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-6459
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-7086

Version 0.85 - codename: elevator (2013-12-17)

  • refactoring bin/dawn script: some stuff were moved into Codesake::Core class
  • Added a check against Denial of Service vulnerability for Nokogiri 1.5.x and 1.6.0 when used with JRuby.
  • Added a check against Denial of Service vulnerability due to entity expansion for Nokogiri 1.5.x and 1.6.0 when used with JRuby.
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-4478 (sup remote code execution)
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-4479 (sup remote code execution)
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-1812 (ruby-openid denial of service)
  • Added a check for CVE-2013-6421 (sprout remote code execution)

Version 0.80 - codename: elevator (2013-12-12)

  • adding test for CVE-2013-4164
  • adding test for CVE-2013-4457
  • adding test for CVE-2013-4562
  • added a '-z' flag to exit the process with the number of issues found as exit code
  • added a Cross Site Scripting in Simple Form gem
  • adding test for CVE-2013-4492
  • adding test for CVE-2013-4491
  • adding test for CVE-2013-6414
  • adding test for CVE-2013-6415
  • adding test for CVE-2013-6416
  • adding test for CVE-2013-6417

Version 0.79.99 - codename:oddity (2013-11-14)

This is the first codesake-dawn version making web application able to scan something. It deserves a special release.

  • adding test for CVE-2013-2065
  • adding test for CVE-2013-4389
  • adding test for CVE-2010-1330
  • adding test for CVE-2011-0446
  • adding test for CVE-2011-0995
  • adding test for CVE-2011-2929
  • adding test for CVE-2011-4815
  • adding test for CVE-2012-3424
  • adding test for CVE-2012-5380
  • adding test for CVE-2012-4522
  • adding test for RoRCheatSheet_1
  • adding test for RoRCheatSheet_4
  • adding test for RoRCheatSheet_7
  • adding test for RoRCheatSheet_8
  • Fix issue #1. You can read more about it in
  • Added API to scan a single Gemfile.lock using -G flag

Version 0.70 (2013-06-19)

  • adding test for CVE-2011-0447
  • adding test for CVE-2011-3186
  • adding test for CVE-2012-1099
  • adding test for CVE-2012-1241
  • adding test for CVE-2012-2140
  • adding test for CVE-2012-5370
  • adding test for CVE-2012-5371
  • adding test for CVE-2011-2197
  • adding test for CVE-2011-2932
  • adding test for CVE-2012-3463
  • adding test for CVE-2012-3464
  • adding test for CVE-2012-4464
  • adding test for CVE-2012-4466
  • adding test for CVE-2012-4481
  • adding test for CVE-2012-6134
  • Fix issue #4. PatternMatching complains when applied to binary files. We must skip them
  • add ruby_parser dependency
  • add haml dependency
  • add target MVC autodetect
  • write '--help'
  • detect sinks for XSS in Sinatra applications
  • detect reflected XSS in Sinatra applications

Version 0.60 (2013-05-28)

  • adding cucumber dependency
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1854
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1856
  • adding test for CVE-2013-0276
  • adding test for CVE-2013-0277
  • adding test for CVE-2013-0156
  • adding test for CVE-2013-2615
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1875
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1655
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1656
  • adding test for CVE-2013-0175
  • adding test for CVE-2013-0233
  • adding test for CVE-2013-0284
  • adding test for CVE-2013-0285
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1801
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1802
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1821
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1898
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1911
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1933
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1947
  • adding test for CVE-2013-1948
  • adding test for CVE-2013-2616
  • adding test for CVE-2013-2617
  • adding test for CVE-2013-3221
  • make output less verbose. Only vulnerabilities and severity will be shown
  • adding a '--verbose' option to see also the whole knowledge base info about each findings
  • adding a '--output' option
  • adding a '--count-only' option
  • support JSON output

Version 0.50 (2013-05-13) - First public release

  • adding test for CVE_2013_0269
  • adding test for CVE_2013_0155
  • adding test for CVE_2011_2931
  • adding test for CVE_2012_3465