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+## Press announcement
+Today, the XXX ?nd 2014, the second minor Codesake::Dawn rubygem version it has
+been released.
+This will be the last release of the codesake-dawn gem with this name. Starting
+form November, 7th we will rename the gem to just dawn.
+Codesake::Dawn is a source code scanner designed to review your code for
+security issues.
+Codesake::Dawn is able to scan your ruby standalone programs but its main usage
+is to deal with web applications. It supports applications written using majors
+MVC (Model View Controller) frameworks, like:
+* [Ruby on Rails](
+* [Sinatra](
+* [Padrino](
+Codesake::Dawn version 1.2 has 180 security checks loaded in its knowledge
+base. Most of them are CVE or OSVDB bulletins applying to gems or the ruby
+interpreter itself. There are also some check coming from Owasp Ruby on Rails
+Writing safe code it's important, but sometimes security issues are introduced
+by third party code your application relies on. As example, consider a SQL
+Injection vulnerability introduced by Ruby on Rails framework.
+Despite the effort you spend in sanitizing inputs, your web application
+inherits the vulnerability suffering as well. An attacker can easily exploit it
+and break into your database unless you upgrade the offended gem.
+There is a comprehensive set of command line flags you can read more by issuing
+```dawn --list-knowledge-base``` flag or by reading [project
+README]( file.
+The list of security checks included in version 1.2.0 can be found online at:
+You can use [facilities provided by
+github]( to submit bug
+reports, product enhancements, new security checks you want to me to add in
+future releases and even success stories.
+Now it's time for you to install Codesake::Dawn version 1.2.0 with the
+following command and start reviewing your code for security issues:
+$ gem install -P MediumSecurity codesake-dawn
+You can find the announcement on the web here: [](
+Enjoy it!
+Paolo -
+## Twitter announcement
+### version 1.2.0
+@dawnscanner version 1.2.0 is out. 180 security checks and some bug fixes. Read the announcement: #ruby #rails #sinatra #padrina #security #scanner
+## Linkedin announcement
+### version 1.2.0
+@dawnscanner version 1.2.0 is out. Read the announcement online. Codesake::Dawn makes security code review fun for ruby developers, it scans 180 CVE and OSVDB bulletins and future release will be able to scan custom ruby code for XSS, SQL Injections and business logic flaws. It supports Sinatra, Padrino and Ruby on Rails MVC frameworks out of the box.
+$ gem install codesake-dawn
+$ have fun
+## HN Link
+## Reddit

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