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#### We love pull requests. Here's a quick guide
1. If you are a member of thessaloniki/thessrb-members team you can skip
2. Fork the repository (want to be a member and not have to fork? [Check
3. Create a topic branch, do some work, push it, and create a pull
#### Things we like
* Nice title and a complete description of what and why in the pull
request body.
* Check what is already in the repository to see how you should format
* If you are contributing written text, we like the Markdown format.
#### Things to avoid
* Spaces or underscores in filenames (we prefer dashes to separate
words, but single word filenames are better if possible)
* Don't commit large binary files and if you have to commit smaller
ones, make sure they are not going to be updated often. For all other
cases, it's better to host the file somewhere else and provide a link to
it (for example presentations etc.)

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