Web app that creates a REST service from spatial lucene index
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This is the lucene web application that uses the spatial index created by spatialindexer. We are going to build a REST web service on top of the index

It was presented at FOSS4G 2013

To use:

  1. Install the OpenShift command line tools and run rhc setup

  2. run the following command rhc app create lucenespatial jbosseap-6

  3. when that is finished cd lucenespatial

  4. Add this project as a remote project to your local git repo git remote add github -m master https://github.com/thesteve0/LuceneSpatial.git

  5. Merge this repo into your local repo git pull -s recursive -X theirs github master

  6. finally push it back up to OpenShift git push

Then from your local machine you need to scp or sftp the indexDir up to your applications data directory

scp -r indexDir {uuid}@lucenespatial-.rhcloud.com:app-root/data

restart your application

rhc app restart lucenespatial

Now you should be able to see some json if you hit: