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-Things You Need to Understand
+= Things You Need to Understand
We know you are impatient and want to get started but it is important for us to get some definitions cleared up right from the start. It is also import to introduce some technology that is used throughout your development workflow. If you are comforable with the technology please feel free to skip right over to the next section, but please make sure you understand the definitions.
-Some words you need to understand
+== Some words you need to understand
There is some basic terminology which is specific to OpenShift or used specifically by us. It is important to clear these up since they will be used throughout the documents.
@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@ Scalable Application:: Application scaling enables your application to react to
Client Tools, Web Console, or Eclipse plugins:: These are the tools you install on your local machine (laptop or desktop), use the Manage your application portion of the website, or install as a plugin to Eclipse to interact with your application in the OpenShift cloud. The only time you must use them is when you are doing infrastructure like things to your application. For example, you would use these tools when creating an application or embedding a new cartdige. The rest of your work with your application will happen through Git and SSH, which we describe below.
-Some technology you need to understand
+== Some technology you need to understand
There is also some basic technology you need to be able to use to really work with OpenShift effectively as a developer. The rest of this document will assume you understand this technology at a basic level

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