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PaX exception daemon
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paxd is a daemon for automatically maintaining PaX exceptions. It re-applies exceptions whenever an executable is created / replaced. It also applies all of the exceptions at start-up and when the configuration file is modified.

Since paxd watches the parent directory chain for each executable, it has no problem dealing with the creation of an executable in a directory that did not exist when it was started. It works fine with all package managers it has been tried with.

The sample paxd.conf is targeted at Arch Linux, and the expectation is that maintainers / users of other distributions will maintain a modified version downstream.

Setting up user level paxd

Copy user.conf to ~/.config/paxd.conf, and then enable the user service:

systemctl --user enable paxd
systemctl --user start paxd

Files controlled by non-root shouldn't be added to the global configuration file, as those users would be able to use symlinks to set exceptions on any files.

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