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enhanced vte terminal widget
Branch: 0.50.2-ng
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bindings widget: Provide a way to copy the selection to clipboard as HTML May 7, 2017
glade glade: Make catalogue parallel-installable with vte 2.90 Sep 13, 2014
m4 m4: Update macros from upstream Feb 11, 2017
perf Fix for newer ImageMagick Apr 30, 2017
src expose function for getting the selected text Nov 1, 2017
AUTHORS NOSPAM Nalin's address. Oct 12, 2006
COPYING license: Update to LGPL 2.1. Update FSF postal address. Jan 8, 2014
HACKING emulation: No longer rely on terminfo; drop ncurses dependency May 20, 2014 build: Disable vala for distcheck Mar 21, 2017
NEWS Version 0.49.1 Apr 25, 2017
vte.doap doap: Cleanup Sep 23, 2016 widget: Remove now unused seal macros Mar 24, 2014


* What is VTE?

VTE is a library (libvte) implementing a terminal emulator widget for GTK+,
and a minimal sample application (vte) using that.  Vte is mainly used in
gnome-terminal, but can also be used to embed a console/terminal in games,
editors, IDEs, etc.

VTE doesn't have a homepage.  Report any issues at:
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