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A Go code editor. With debugging and Autocomplete. 一个 Go 代码编辑器,具有 DEBUGGING 和 AUTOCOMPLETE


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Strukture IDE

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About IDE

Just a Go IDE. It features :

  • Autocomplete.
  • Syntax correction.
  • Interactive terminal via web socket.
  • Line tags in relation to failed build logs.
  • Project build scripts.
  • View web application output.
  • Build docker images (Must have docker running on host) .
  • Breakpoints and debugging with Delve.
  • Regex directory search.
  • Automatically lints your code in the background, and suggests code fixes.


  • Go v1.18+.

First Launch

If the server launch hangs on startup, close it and install the additional requirements manually. Prior to running the commands, set your GOPATH to $home/workspace. You can do this on Windows with set GOPATH=%USERPROFILE%\workspace. Run the following command :

go get

To add debug support, you must install delve. You can find the guide here. (Don't worry it is quick) Install Delve


	$ go install

How to run

	$ IDE

Run as a server

	$ IDE --headless

Bug reports & questions :

Please create a new issue on Github to report a bug.

How to use the strukture

Debug with the strukture


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