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Query Shodan and Censys data for fast parsing
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Query Shodan and Censys


  • Install required gems gem install shodan rest-client ruby_dig
  • Export your Shodan API key => export SHODAN_KEY="abcd123"
  • Export your Censys API id => export CENSYS_UID="abcd123"
  • Export your Censys API secret => export CENSYS_SECRET="abcd123"


  • To use Shodan filters, you must have a paid membership or you will likely get 0 results. It's only ~$45, frequently discounted, possibly free for .edu addresses, and totally worth it.
  • is free but requires registration.


  • Shodan query with filters
  • Censys query for all supported ipv4 query terms
  • Supports searching multiple queries by newline separated file
  • Output results in CSV, TXT
  • Diffs last scan run (just diffing a file [ip, ports]) so you can watch for changes over time

I have a bit more background written up over at

Usage: ruby shocens.rb [options]
    -s, --shodan-search=SEARCH_TERM  Search Shodan by search term
    -f, --shodan-by-file=FILE        Search terms separated by newline
    -t, --shodan-filter=FILTER       Restrict Shodan search to standard filters
                                        Examples: -t org -s 'org name' queries 'org:"org name"'
                                        or -t net -s "" queries "net:"
    -q, --censys-search=SEARCH_TERM  Your query. Examples: '' or 'domain.tld'
                                        or 'parsed.extensions=="domain.tld"'
                                        or 'autonomous_system.description:"target"'
    -F, --censys-by-file=FILE        Search Censys with list of search terms separated by newline
    -o, --save-output                Write output to csv file, ip list file, diff file
    -l, --limit=NUM                  Limit result set to NUM multiple of 100
    -d, --diff-last                  Compare last scan results and update diff file
    -h, --help                       Show this message


-> % ruby shocens.rb -s 'google' -t org -l 100
[+] Beginning Shodan search for org:google
[+] 687497 results in org:"google"
[+] Limiting results to 1 pages...

IP:, port 443
Title:		Bundeswehr Wissensdatenbank - BW PEDIA
Server:		Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)
Location:	/

-> % ruby shocens.rb -q 'parsed.extensions=="shodan"' -l 100 
[+] Beginning Censys search for parsed.extensions=="shodan"
[+] 116 results for parsed.extensions=="shodan"
[+] Limiting results to 1 pages...

[+] Parsing page 1 of 1

Host: ports 80
Server:		nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)
Powered By:	
Title:		Shodan Internet Census
Cert Names:	, 

Optional Output

  • CSV of data
  • Text file of IPs found
  • Text file of parsed websites
  • Text file of IPs, ports for diffing

It's worth noting that both Censys and Shodan have fairly solid and libraries which are worth taking a look at as well.

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