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The Salesforce Data Loader Command Line Interface (CLI) is a powerful tool for automating business processes, and integrating Salesforce with other systems. However, configuring the CLI is daunting, especially for first-time users. CLI quickstart (CLIq) is the solution!


Go to this link to download the latest version:


Please Provide Feedback!

I would love to know about your experience - good or bad! All of your feedback helps me know what is important to enhance and fix.

If you had a great experience to share, please Post a Review (Thank you!)

For general feedback about the application, please Give Feedback

Thank you!

CLIq 2 Released

  • Supports all Data Loader versions - no need to download a separate version of CLIq for each version of Data Loader
  • Support for all Data Loader operations including Extract All and Hard Delete
  • Validation of external IDs for upsert
  • Uses Data Loader code for Proxy - reliability should be equal to Data Loader with proxy environments
  • Additional parameters in
  • Eliminated unnecessary libraries - new download is much smaller

What Others are Saying

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated CLIq. Had no idea what to do... would have taken me forever to do manually what CLIq does in minutes. Thank you very much for writing the code!!!!" - Michael H.

"Just wanted to say thanks. We are migrating to SF and I did spend several hours trying to get the data loader to extract and save a csv file unsuccessfully. Using your tool took 2 minutes." - Alan V.

"I truly appreciate your effort in creating such an amzing, time savng tool." - Kunal M.

Had a great experience too? You can leave a rating and comment on the Code share site for CLIq Reviews

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CLIq provides a simple wizard to create directory structures and configuration files for the Salesforce Data Loader Command Line Interface. You can spend hours configuring the CLI manually, or use CLIq and you will have a working configuration in less than 5 minutes. After creating a CLIq configuration, you can reference the Data Loader documentation and make adjustments as needed.

What CLIq Does

  • Quickly configure scheduled exports/updates for your Salesforce Org
  • Text and graphical interface
  • Handles all the tricky stuff:
    • Creates a process-conf.xml
    • Validates your username/password, queries, and entity names (avoids case-sensitivity issues)
    • Encrypts password
    • Creates an organized directory structure
    • Creates a bat file which can be scheduled on Windows using Windows Scheduler
    • Creates a sh script which can be scheduled on UNIX using cron
  • Written in Java - Tested on Windows and Mac OS X (UNIX)!
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What CLIq Doesn't Do (Yet)

  • Write SOQL statements (for Exports) - You'll need to know how to write SOQL.
  • Configure Data Loader to write directly to Databases
  • Automatically configure SDL file.


If you experience any problems using CLIq, please let me know! I'm glad to help, and every interaction helps make the product better!

  • For questions about using or troubleshooting CLIq, please post your question to the Google Group
  • After using CLIq, please take a minute to give your feedback with a Quick Survey


This project is maintained and supported by the community. does not provide support for CLIq.

If you find a bug, please create an Issue. If you had a great experience, please let me know!

If you want to reach me, my email is vijay.swamidass(@) If you find a bug, go ahead and create an issue. Thanks!