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Awesome native Xcode extensions

Awesome native Xcode extensions. Feel free to contribute!


Please submit a pull request to improve this file. Thank you to all contributors; you rock!

The list

Tutorials of Xcode Source Editor Extension


  • 🔮 Snowonder — an import declarations formatter Xcode Extension.
  • Imp😈 - Sorting imports in Xcode files has never been that fun and easy
  • XAlign - An amazing Xcode Source Editor extension to align regular code.
  • Alignment -This Xcode source editor extension align your assignment statement.
  • CleanClosureXcode - An Xcode Source Editor extension to clean the closure syntax.
  • strimmer - Strimmer is an Xcode 8 Source Code Extension that quickly strips all trailing whitespace from the current file.
  • xcsort - Sort text or code lines from a text selection. An Xcode extension by battlmonstr.
  • SwiftFormat - A code library and command-line formatting tool for reformatting Swift code
  • SwiftLintForXcode - SwiftLint for Xcode is a Xcode Extension that was created to run SwiftLint.
  • Swimat - An Xcode formatter plug-in to format your swift code
  • CleanHeaders-Xcode - A Xcode Source Editor Extension to sort your header imports and remove duplicates, similar to iSort.
  • PPImportArrangerExtension - A Xcode Source Editor Extension to arrange current file's all #import lines, support Objective-C、Swift、C.
  • LinesSorter - LinesSorter helps you keep your import statements and long code lists organized and uniform. Easy to install: no need to hack Xcode.
  • AccessControlKitty - Change the access control level (public, private etc.) of selected Swift code.

Typed Boilerplate Code Generators

  • SwiftAI - generate Codable&HandyJSON model class from JSON automatically
  • TrickerX - Help you make Swift Codable CodingKeys automatically.
  • Paste JSON as Code (quicktype) – Paste JSON as Swift, Java, C++ or Obj-C++ models and serialization helpers.
  • SwiftMockGeneratorForXcode - An Xcode 9 extension (plugin) to generate Swift mock classes automatically.
  • JSON-to-Swift-Converter - an open-source Xcode Source Editor extension for creating Swift code from JSON-formatted text.
  • Json2Property - a open-source Xcode Extension by keepyounger, allow you conveniently to convert Json to Objective-C model.
  • CodeGenerator - Xcode editor extension for swift code generation.
  • GenerateSwiftInit - Proof of concept for Xcode 8 source extensions; generate a Swift init from current selection
  • Localizer - It then breaks apart any String declarations it founds by splitting the selection based off " and then wrap the resulting String inside NSLocalizedString.
  • SwiftInitializerGenerator - This Xcode 8 Source Code Extension will generate a Swift initializer based on the lines you've selected.
  • Swift Init Generator - This Xcode 10 Source Code Extension generates a Swift initialezer based on the lines you've selected. Also suports filtering unnecessary fields and transition to a new line, when the init string is long.
  • XcodeEquatableGenerator - Xcode 8 Source Code Extension will generate conformance to Swift Equatable protocol based on type and fields selection.
  • Switch Enum Case Generator - Instant switch with selected enum cases
  • Rubicon - Swift parser + Spy generator.
  • BExtension - Xcode Source extension for delivering enums and variables from enum cases, see this article
  • DocumenterXcode - Xcode source editor extension which helps you write documentation comment easier, for both Objective-C and Swift.
  • ViewGenerator - ViewGenerator generates view code from variable name automatically in iOS development.
  • ThenGenerator - Xcode Source Editor Extension for 'Then'
  • MappingCoder - This Xcode Source Editor Extension generates ObjectMapper class/struct based on the lines you've selected. Also, it auto completes init(map:) and mapping(map:) based on SwiftSyntax.

Helper on editing

  • Comment Here - Insert // just before indented text
  • NSLayoutConstraintSourceEditorExtension - Quickly add NSLayoutConstraint. Also support multiple variables.
  • XSpellCheck - XSpellCheck is a Xcode extension for swift code spell check.
  • XCJumpToTests - the Xcode Source Editor Extension / AppleScript to jump files of Implementation⇄Tests
  • Sharpshooter - A tiny Xcode extension for people who debug with print()
  • Linex - Packed with a lot of useful tools for everyday editing (may no longer be maintained)
  • XCExpandRegion - Select text by expanding the current selection
  • xTextHandler - Xcode Source Editor Extension based tools to improve the text editing experience of Xcode 8 and provide extensions with simple code.
  • XcodeCComment - Xcode Source Editor Extension for C Style Comment /**/
  • Duplicate Line - Xcode's source editor extension to duplicate selected line or lines.
  • XcodeEditorPlus - Bring some convenient editor shortcuts to Xcode using Xcode Source Editor Extension, inspired from AppCode.
  • XcodeColorSense2 - An Xcode source editor extension that makes working with color easier
  • XcodeTopComment - Xcode Source Editor Extension to remove or modify the top comment of a file
  • FastCommentLine - Moves cursor to next line after commenting/uncommenting current line (like AppCode).
  • Import☝️ - Add imports from anywhere in the code.
  • Mark - Generates MARK comments from protocol conformance in class declaration.
  • Eric’s Mark - Identifies IBOutlets, IBActions, Super Classes, Properties (and more) and MARK them.
  • Quick Add - A Xcode Source Editor Extension to quickly add a method implementation with comment from selected text
  • HandyXcode - A few 'Handy' Xcode commands (insert code placeholder, multi-line comment, etc.)
  • LocalizedString - Xcode Source Editor Extension that helps to localize Swift and Objective-C source files
  • DeclareType - Generate the type declaration in your file based on the file name
  • LineEscapeEx - Duplicate lines as comment
  • MGTextPlus - A Xcode Source Editor extension to duplicate line, delete line, join lines and more.
  • TabifyIndents - This application adds two feature that Tabify and Untabify to Xcode Source Editor.
  • Literals - Converts UIColor, NSColor, UIImage to literals
  • LanguageTranslator - A Xcode Source Editor extension to translate selected text into other language.
  • NamingTranslator - A Xcode Source Editor extension to translate selected variable or method between PascalCase, camelCase and snake_case.
  • DevHelper - Several inline tools - sort, comment out etc.
  • AutoImport - AutoImport, handy Xcode plugin to import header file automatically.
  • ConflictResolver - An Xcode Source Editor Extension that helps resolving merge conflicts.
  • XCSmartCutCopyPaste - Apply Cut or Copy commands to blank lines in line mode when there is no selection.
  • CommentSpellChecker - Runs spell check and auto correct on code comments.
  • XPaste - A Xcode Source Extension to power up your text paste abilities
  • Convert to Multi-Line Function - XCode Source Editor Command to put each function argument on its own line.
  • SwitchIt - An Xcode Extension that auto generates your switch statements from your defined enums. Can be downloaded on the app store here
  • DoubleTake - An Xcode Extension that removes duplicate imports/@class defined in a class. Can be downloaded on the app store here
  • BlockComment - Parses Swift code to generate block comment contents

Collaborations with internal/external services

  • GithubIssuesExtension - Xcode editor extension that adds an ability to post and edit github issues through comment templates
  • Xcode-Search - A Xcode Source Editor Extension that searches external sources
  • XcodeWay - Navigate to many places from Xcode
  • Xgist - Xcode Source Editor Extension that sends code to GitHub's Gist
  • PlayAlways - Create Xcode playgrounds from your menu bar.
  • XShared - Xcode extension which allows you copying the code with special formatting quotes for social (Slack, Telegram)
  • nef - This Xcode extension enables you to make a code selection and export it to a snippets. Available on Mac App Store.
  • GitBlamePR - An Xcode Source Editor Extension that shows pull request last modified each line of a file.
  • RaySo - share your awesome code to with Xcode Extension.
  • XcodeUniversalSearch - Search or open custom URLs from Xcode - just like custom Chrome search engines.

For Objective-C

  • EasyCode-Xcode - "legal" Xcode Plugin for inserting code in super duper fast lazy way.
  • Swiftify Xcode extension - allows you to convert Objective-C code to Swift right from Xcode.
  • Dotify - Convert [[AnObject method1] method2] to AnObject.method1.method2 with Xcode Extension
  • Propertizer - Autocompletes statements with desired type.
  • Basics - Generates NSCopying, isEquals, hash, and more.
  • Pragmatic - An Xcode 8.x Source Editor extension for simplifying common pragma driven tasks
  • Xcode-NSCoding - Automatically creates NSCoding-implementations from properties
  • CodeGenerator - A Xcode Source Editor extension to generate lazy getter methods from property.



  • Jumpy - Jumpy is an Xcode source editor extension for jumping across multiple lines of code.
  • SETools - Xcode 8 Extension - Figlet Font Titles
  • VS-Key-Bindings-For-Xcode - Visual Studio Comment Selection and Uncomment Selection for Xcode 8 extension.
  • EmojifySourceEditorExtension - A Proof-Of-Concept implementation of the new Xcode Source Editor Extension
  • EmojifyApplication - Same as above.
  • Jump - XCode source editor extension for quick navigating
  • CwlWhitespace - The first command uses multiple selections to select every text range in your file that it believes is violating a whitespace rule. If a line contains a zero-length problem (missing whitespace or missing indent) then the whole line will be selected.
  • DemoXcodeExtension - Select the current scope / block.
  • TestXcodeSourceExtensions - Replace entire files with literals
  • FBXCodeExtension - An Xcode Source Editor Extension providing convenient line manipulation such like line deletion and duplication.
  • BDDShortcuts - BDD Shortcuts is an Xcode 8+ plugin that adds handy shortcuts for Swift and BDD frameworks such as Cedar, Quick, Kiwi or Specta.
  • XVim2 - Vim key-bindings for Xcode.
  • Code Friend - JavaScript interface for XcodeKit. Users can develop Xcode Extensions rapidly.
  • SwiftPlantUML - Xcode Extension for generating class diagrams from Swift code (powered by PlantUML). View and modify those generated diagrams in your browser.
  • XCDoTo - Xcode extension adding todo list for tracking project tasks. Supports multiproject environment.