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Demo Build Discord License: MIT

What is Thetawave?

Thetawave is a physics-based space shooter with procedurally generated levels, diverse foes, and distinct characters. As an open-source project, it invites collaboration and creativity from the community, allowing enthusiasts and developers to contribute to its evolution. This aspect of open-source development adds a unique dimension to Thetawave, as it grows and diversifies with inputs from its user base. Engaging in both gameplay and development, players and developers alike can experience the thrill of space combat while shaping the game's future.



Action Keyboard 🖮 Controller 🎮
🕹️ Movement 'WASD' / Arrow Keys D-Pad
🔫 Fire Weapon Left Click / Spacebar Right Bumper (RB)
💥 Special Ability Right Click / Shift Left Bumper (LB)

How to Play

Objective: Protect the planet from invading enemies!

Game Over Conditions:

  • When all players' health bars are depleted from damage.
  • When the blue defense bar is depleted (occurs when enemies reach the bottom of the arena).


Wrenches restore health.
Gems increase fire rate.
Armor negates damage.
Energy orbs give additional projectiles.

Special Mechanics:

  • Letting cargo hauler mobs reach the bottom of the arena heals the defense bar.

How to Contribute

We welcome contributions from all community members. Your insights and improvements help us grow.

For complete guidelines on contributing, please see our Contributing Guide. It includes all the necessary information on how you can participate in shaping Thetawave.


@cdsupina 💡
Role: Creative Director
Contribution: Visionary leadership and creative oversight.
@varoonp123 💻
Role: Lead Programmer
Contribution: Architect of the game's deployment and technical features.
@LordDeatHunter 🎨
Role: Lead Artist
Contribution: Key driver of the game's visual style and artistic assets.

External Assets

🎵 Music

Joel Schuman - Original Game Soundtrack

📢 Sound Effects

Space Ultimate Megapack - Comprehensive Space Audio Collection

🎨 Art

Kadith's icons - Game Iconography

📜 Fonts

Space Madness - Font Design by Rose Frye