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Code of Conduct

Below is the code of conduct of The Teloscope. This was published on Nov 28, 2018.

The Teloscope Block Producer (BP) is an initiative by CTIC Centro Tecnológico not-for-profit private foundation, concerned with exploring the real-world applications of newest blockchain technologies. You can know more about CTIC in our Ownership Disclosure.

We pledge to follow all of the good practices expected from a Telos BP, such as transaction processing neutrality, acting in the best interest of the network and availability for public accountability. And as one of Telos founding stones is to design a system of governance free of corrupting elements, we believe in several key aspects that we consider essential:

No Profit

There shall be no economic profit from all revenues in TLOS that came from services provided to the Telos network.

The total amount of income generated by The Teloscope for the operation of its BP will be mainly used for paying running expenses (operational costs). Any remains will be used to both improve the BP’s infrastructure and to develop dApps and quality contents that are thought as useful for the Telos and wider blockchain community. In summary, the blockchain community will share the benefits as there is no money going into private projects.

No Secrecy

There should be no secrecy about how we spend our revenues in TLOS that came from services provided to the Telos network.

We will publish on our main website an accountability section that will reflect how the TLOS earned from our BP activity are being spent.

No Collusion / Cartels

There should be no secret agreement between The Teloscope and other BPs or third parties to conspire to commit actions aimed to deceive or commit fraud with the objective of illicit or unethical TLOS gain.

We will not promote nor participate in any cross-voting strategy between BPs. We won’t either participate in any vote-buying scheme. Our votes will be solely earned through hard work and public exposure.

No Outsourcing

There should be no outsourcing of our IT infrastructure and its management.

We don't believe in housing our servers elsewhere, as it can lead to inefficiencies and potential security issues. Depending on third parties also represents a threat to the independence and decentralization of the network. Thus The Teloscope has all its servers at hand, in house, with an experienced team ready to solve quickly any unforeseen event, or to perform prompt hardware upgrades when required by the Telos network.

No Diversification

There should be no diversification in block producing activities aimed at operating simultaneously several BPs, either in the same mainnet, or across different mainnets of any other EOS-derived blockchain platforms.

We are fully committed to Telos platform. As long as we operate a BP in Telos we will not set up and/or operate a BP in EOS or any other sister/derived chain.

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