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Make is a powerful, flexible, open-source WordPress theme created by The Theme Foundry. It's available for free in the theme directory. The Theme Foundry offers a premium companion plugin, Make Plus, that adds extra features and functionality to Make.

  • Stable version: 1.8.5
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  • Contributors: @dstrojny, @scottrrollo, @tollmanz, @coreymckrill, @samikeijonen, @jeremyfelt, @stdt, Timm K, @mauryaratan, @LeoOosterloo, @Laurisade, Roman Shatsky, @michaek, @boonebgorges, @eightam, @sixfingers, @tomasstark


We recommend reading the Make theme documentation.

Support Questions

We don't answer support questions here on GitHub. Support is available for Make Plus customers in our Help Center. There is also a community support forum on


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