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Style & Standards

Coding style and standards for Region V Robotics

Revision 0, 9/4/2018. Written by Tianshu Huang.



C / C++

Full Documentation

If you want everyone to love you, please read the full style specifications:

The Basics

If you really don't feel like reading the full documentation, just follow these rules until someone yells at you.

  • Maximum of 79 characters per line
  • Indent with four spaces. NO TABS.
  • Try to keep files under 250 lines. Files over 300 lines should be split immediately. This rule does not apply to configuration, definition, or documentation files.
  • Try to keep functions under 50 lines.
  • Constants (and #defines in C and C++) in ALL_CAPS_WITH_UNDERSCORES
  • Files named as lower_case_with_underscores
  • Variables as lower_case_with_underscores (python) or lowerCamelCase (C/C++)
  • Classes in UpperCamelCase
  • Two newlines between top level blocks - functions, classes, etc.
  • At most one newline within a logical block (within a function, class, etc.)