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[CAD] The Transistors 4 player MAME Cabinet project

theTransistor 4-Player MAME Cabinet

Originally designed and built in 2010 at theTransistor.

Designed for competition Early model outlines

Project Features

  • CAD Files available
  • Sketchup files available
  • 4 Player control panel (removable, so you can fit through doors)
  • VESA-Mount LCD up to 28"
  • Castors for easy moving
  • Updated plans provide better stability and transport


Original Design

  • d3c4f

CAD Work

  • kiyoshigawa

**Assembly / Testing

  • kiyoshigawa
  • d3c4f
  • XPogo Dave
  • Gordon (aka Freeman)
  • Wharff
  • Max
  • HappyZack
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