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simple stub/spy javascript library

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bond: the simple stub/spy javascript library

bond only provides stubbing and spy functionality. For test running and assertions, you will need to use other libraries.

the api is simple:

bond api

bond(object, 'propertyOrMethodName') returns the bond api

bond#to(value) replaces the value with a new value

bond#return(value) replaces the value with a spy that returns the given value

bond#through() replaces the value with a spy, but allows it to return its normal value

bond spies

spy.called is a call count for the spy

spy.calledWith(arg1, arg2, ...) is a test for being called with specific values

spy.calledArgs is an array of methods calls, each index holds the array of arguments for that call


npm install bondjs -> bond = require 'bondjs'

<script src="bond.js"> ->


see the file for examples

use npm test to run the tests

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