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Getting rejecting status code and reason on the client (Chrome) #46

langdonx opened this Issue May 28, 2012 · 1 comment


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I'm not sure if this is an issue with the implementation of WebSocket-Node, or Chrome, or if I'm just doing it wrong, but.... WebSocketRequest::reject takes a status code and a reason, but when I call it I can't seem to get the status code or the reason in my client code.

var http = require('http');
var httpServer = http.createServer(function (request, response)
// i see this if i hit http://localhost:8001/
response.end('go away');


// https://github.com/Worlize/WebSocket-Node/wiki/Documentation
var webSocket = require('websocket');
var webSocketServer = new webSocket.server({ 'httpServer': httpServer });

webSocketServer.on('request', function (request)
var connection = request.reject(102, 'gtfo');

var connection = new WebSocket('ws://');
connection.onopen = function (openEvent)
connection.onclose = function (closeEvent)
connection.onerror = function (errorEvent)
connection.onmessage = function (messageEvent)

Only the OnClose event fires, but there isn't a status code or message in the closeEvent object that I can find. Any ideas?

I created a question on SO 2 weeks back, but didn't get much of a response:



theturtle32 commented May 28, 2012

Unfortunately, the WebSocket protocol does not provide any specific mechanism for providing a close code or reason at this stage when rejecting a client connection.

In reality, connections should be rejected at this stage only when you are rejecting a user from a disallowed origin (i.e. someone from another website is trying to connect users to your websocket server without permission) or when a user otherwise does not have permission to connect (i.e. they are not logged in). The latter case should be handled by other code on your site: a user should not be able to attempt to connect the websocket connection if they are not logged in.

The code and reason that WebSocket-Node allow you to specify here are an HTTP Status code (e.g. 404, 500, etc.) and a reason to include as a non-standard "X-WebSocket-Reject-Reason" HTTP header in the response. It is mostly useful when analyzing the connection with a packet sniffer, such as WireShark. No browser has any facility for providing rejection codes or reasons to the client-side JavaScript code when a connection is rejected in this way, because it's not provided for in the WebSocket specification.

@jondubois jondubois referenced this issue in SocketCluster/socketcluster Oct 24, 2015


Adding more detail to the Handshake #120

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