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Accessibility and disability justice resources
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Accessibility and disability justice resources

This is an evolving, continuously updating resource collection. 😊

Related resource collections in this repo:

Coming soon: books, plug-ins, notable activists, and videos/talks

♿️ Disability justice initiatives

Disability justice challenges the idea that our worth as individuals has to do with our ability to perform as productive members of society. It insists that our worth is inherent and tied to the liberation of all beings. Like transformative justice, reproductive justice, and environmental justice, it implies a movement-building strategy and an anti-capitalist critique. The Body is not an Apology

💬 Language and respect

Though person-first language is designed to promote respect, the concept is based on the idea that disability is something negative, something that you shouldn’t want to see. After all, no one tells me that I should call myself a person with femaleness or a person with Jewishness. I’m a Jewish woman. Cara Liebowitz

🎤 Podcasts and videos

🐦 Twitter

Note from Alex: I learn a lot from following disabled people on twitter. I like that the platform gives them agency to talk about ableist bullshit whenever they want.

  • Access and Disability: list feed of people who discuss accessibility and disability (primarily disabled people)
  • #AbledsAreWeird: search results depicting all the ways able-bodied people are invasive and disrespectful (and how to avoid that)

🅰️ Accessibility initiatives

Accessibility is the process of making something more usable and available to people, with a focus on the needs of disabled people. (Alex's definition)

🏢 Tech guides

Note from Alex: Tech companies publish great guides that we should take advantage of as resources. However, it's important to note that all big tech companies also engage in unethical business. Microsoft has a contract with ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and profits off the inhumane treatment and detainment of brown migrants Vox. IBM collaborates with the police to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) to search databases for people of color, perpetuating violence against black and brown people Venture Beat.

✏️ Accessibility articles


General articles are an overview of accessibility, with a few high-level actionable items.


Specific articles go in-depth into a specific topic.

📺 A11y presentations

Links to slide decks, usually put together by my friends in a11y (accessibility) 😊

📐 Accessible components and libraries

  • Inclusive components: A blog trying to be a pattern library. All about designing inclusive web interfaces, piece by piece. (description from author)
  • Accessible components: I've built a good handfull of accessible markup patterns and widgts at this point. Each is based on testing with users, UX and design needs of past projects, and from following W3C specifications & notes. (description from author)
  • A11y style guide: This application is a living style guide or pattern library, generated from KSS documented styles...with an accessibility twist.

🎒 Accessibility training

  • Teach access tutorial: Note from Alex: personally recommend for writing code, not necessarily design principles

Style guides

🔶 Color contrast checkers

  • Colorable: beautiful browser-based color contrast checker
  • Stark: accessible color plug-in for Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma
  • Accessible color matrix: accessible color palette creator (AA only)

📜 Legislation

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