Lightning Road To Liquid Radiator – Outline 2013
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~~~ Lighting Road To Liquid Radiator ~~~

A Linux 64k released by skypers from
The Undead Sceners on Outline 2013.


The intro was compiled on a 64 bits archlinux.
You’ll need at least OpenGL 3.3 with GL_ARB_tessellation_shader

To run it, just call it that way:

  ./lr2lr 1920 1080 # if your resolution is 1920x1080

or better

  ./lr2lr 1920 1080 f # f to enable fullscreen

Thank you :)


If you experience any issue with alsa pcm, you might not have
a ~/.asoundrc. By default, alsa sampling rate is set at 
48000 Hz. You have to change this to 44100 Hz in your

Here’s mine:

  defaults.pcm.card 0
  defaults.pcm.device 0
  defaults.ctl.card 0
  pcm.!default {
    type plug
      slave.pcm "44k"
  pcm.44k  {
    type dmix
      ipc_key 321456
      ipc_key_add_uid true
      slave {
        pcm "hw:0"
          period_time 0
          period_size 1024
          buffer_size 8192
          rate 44100