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Commits on Jan 19, 2012
  1. sync: tmdb with addons repo

    theuni committed
  2. sync: with addons repo

    theuni committed
  3. sync: common.hdtrailers with addons repo

    theuni committed
  4. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #476 from energy6/xbmc-restore-volume

    mkortstiege committed
    Xbmc restore volume
  5. @jmarshallnz

    Merge pull request #638 from jmarshallnz/addon_install_redo

    jmarshallnz committed
    Addon install redo
Commits on Jan 18, 2012
  1. fix movie.nfo not being picked up in the movie folder of bluray or dv…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …d rips
  2. @jmarshallnz

    Merge pull request #636 from jmarshallnz/find_local_art_for_dvd_bluray

    jmarshallnz committed
    Fix finding of local thumbs/fanart for VIDEO_TS/BDMV items in parent folder
  3. add progress bar to blocking install of addons

    Jonathan Marshall committed
  4. @jmarshallnz

    Merge pull request #637 from jmarshallnz/warnings_cleanup

    jmarshallnz committed
    Warnings cleanup - not required for Eden
  5. @davilla
  6. ensure AddonManager is updated when an addon has finished installing …

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …before removing it from the install list
  7. alternate method of allowing install of plugins that are currently no…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …t found
  8. fix assert if an optional dependency of a newly installed addon is no…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …t already installed
  9. @elupus

    Merge pull request #630 from steino/master

    elupus committed
    Disable hardware acceleration for h264 hi10p since currently no hardware (driver?) support it
  10. @steino
  11. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #627 from bossanova808/master

    mkortstiege committed
    Tiny change - extend weather forecast icon support to 7 days - eden??
  12. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #635 from lambda81/master

    mkortstiege committed
    Fix wrong translation in Greek language.
  13. cosmetics - whitespace

    Jonathan Marshall committed
  14. fixed warnings - requires review

    Jonathan Marshall committed
  15. add IAudioRenderer.h to win32 project

    Jonathan Marshall committed
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
  1. @alanwww1
  2. Fix wrong translation in Greek language.

    lambda81 committed
  3. Fix finding of local thumbs/fanart for VIDEO_TS/BDMV items in the par…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …ent folder
  4. fixed: playback from mmst:// urls would halt after some time.

    spiff committed
    this backports upstream 275189a2bd71cf49d66374c44d3de2262d323460
    thanks to johoja for doing the ground work
  5. @mkortstiege

    [] partial revert of the conditional trailer s…

    mkortstiege committed
    …ettings - we're handling missing plugins in core now
  6. @mkortstiege

    changed: prompt for addon installation in case we're trying to execut…

    mkortstiege committed
    …e an addon URL that's not yet installed.
  7. @alanwww1

    Merge pull request #633 from ydatografida/patch-4

    alanwww1 committed
    Update language/Greek/strings.xml
  8. @ydatografida
Commits on Jan 16, 2012
  1. @Memphiz

    [cleanup] - use the singleshot method for infobools in addon settings…

    Memphiz committed
    … - thx to jm for pointing me to this
  2. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #632 from MartijnKaijser/master

    mkortstiege committed
    Update Dutch language: []
  3. @davilla

    [osx/ios] fixed, bump tarball version to one that does not have pre-c…

    davilla committed
    …ompiled bits... yes, I have been trouted
  4. @davilla
  5. @MartijnKaijser

    Dutch language update

    MartijnKaijser committed
  6. @mkortstiege

    [] changed wording on trailer options and made…

    mkortstiege committed
    … it conditional - only one trailer source selectable (addresses PR 631)
  7. @elupus

    fixed: potential deadlock in ffmpeg av_log calls for multithreaded av…

    elupus committed
    …_find_stream_info calls.
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