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A Web Interface for Taskwarrior

A lightweight, Sinatra-based web interface for the wonderful Taskwarrior todo application.

Now compatible with ALL versions of Taskwarrior, including the new 2.0.0

Build Status


gem install taskwarrior-web

This will install an executable called task-web


task-web at your terminal to start it up. This will start the process, background it, and open the URL in your browser.

It uses Vegas to make the Sinatra app into an executable, so all options for Vegas are valid for task-web. Type task-web -h for more options.


The current featureset includes:

  • Viewing tasks (duh) sorted and grouped in various ways.
  • Creating a new task with a due date, project, and tags.
  • task-web will pull your task config (from .taskrc) and use it to determine date formatting and when an upcoming task should be marked as "due".
  • If you are on a Mac and use, you get a dock badge showing the number of pending tasks.
  • Optional Basic HTTP Auth protection. To enable, set task-web.user and task-web.passwd in your .taskrc file.

Known Issues

  • taskwarrior-web requires Ruby >= 1.9. It will not work with 1.8 and lower. Support for 1.8 will happen at some point.


This project is not developed by the Taskwarrior team. Obviously, taskwarrior-web extends Taskwarrior, but the projects are separate.

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