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package changelist
// memChangeList implements a simple in memory change list.
type memChangelist struct {
changes []Change
// NewMemChangelist instantiates a new in-memory changelist
func NewMemChangelist() Changelist {
return &memChangelist{}
// List returns a list of Changes
func (cl memChangelist) List() []Change {
return cl.changes
// Add adds a change to the in-memory change list
func (cl *memChangelist) Add(c Change) error {
cl.changes = append(cl.changes, c)
return nil
// Location returns the string "memory"
func (cl memChangelist) Location() string {
return "memory"
// Remove deletes the changes found at the given indices
func (cl *memChangelist) Remove(idxs []int) error {
remove := make(map[int]struct{})
for _, i := range idxs {
remove[i] = struct{}{}
var keep []Change
for i, c := range cl.changes {
if _, ok := remove[i]; ok {
keep = append(keep, c)
cl.changes = keep
return nil
// Clear empties the changelist file.
func (cl *memChangelist) Clear(archive string) error {
// appending to a nil list initializes it.
cl.changes = nil
return nil
// Close is a no-op in this in-memory change-list
func (cl *memChangelist) Close() error {
return nil
func (cl *memChangelist) NewIterator() (ChangeIterator, error) {
return &MemChangeListIterator{index: 0, collection: cl.changes}, nil
// MemChangeListIterator is a concrete instance of ChangeIterator
type MemChangeListIterator struct {
index int
collection []Change // Same type as memChangeList.changes
// Next returns the next Change
func (m *MemChangeListIterator) Next() (item Change, err error) {
if m.index >= len(m.collection) {
return nil, IteratorBoundsError(m.index)
item = m.collection[m.index]
return item, err
// HasNext indicates whether the iterator is exhausted
func (m *MemChangeListIterator) HasNext() bool {
return m.index < len(m.collection)
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