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package client
import (
// ReadOnly represents the set of options that must be supported over a TUF repo for
// reading
type ReadOnly interface {
// ListTargets lists all targets for the current repository. The list of
// roles should be passed in order from highest to lowest priority.
// IMPORTANT: if you pass a set of roles such as [ "targets/a", "targets/x"
// "targets/a/b" ], even though "targets/a/b" is part of the "targets/a" subtree
// its entries will be strictly shadowed by those in other parts of the "targets/a"
// subtree and also the "targets/x" subtree, as we will defer parsing it until
// we explicitly reach it in our iteration of the provided list of roles.
ListTargets(roles ([]*TargetWithRole, error)
// GetTargetByName returns a target by the given name. If no roles are passed
// it uses the targets role and does a search of the entire delegation
// graph, finding the first entry in a breadth first search of the delegations.
// If roles are passed, they should be passed in descending priority and
// the target entry found in the subtree of the highest priority role
// will be returned.
// See the IMPORTANT section on ListTargets above. Those roles also apply here.
GetTargetByName(name string, roles (*TargetWithRole, error)
// GetAllTargetMetadataByName searches the entire delegation role tree to find
// the specified target by name for all roles, and returns a list of
// TargetSignedStructs for each time it finds the specified target.
// If given an empty string for a target name, it will return back all targets
// signed into the repository in every role
GetAllTargetMetadataByName(name string) ([]TargetSignedStruct, error)
// ListRoles returns a list of RoleWithSignatures objects for this repo
// This represents the latest metadata for each role in this repo
ListRoles() ([]RoleWithSignatures, error)
// GetDelegationRoles returns the keys and roles of the repository's delegations
// Also converts key IDs to canonical key IDs to keep consistent with signing prompts
GetDelegationRoles() ([]data.Role, error)
// Repository represents the set of options that must be supported over a TUF repo
// for both reading and writing.
type Repository interface {
// ------------------- Publishing operations -------------------
// GetGUN returns the GUN associated with the repository
GetGUN() data.GUN
// SetLegacyVersion sets the number of versions back to fetch roots to sign with
// ----- General management operations -----
// Initialize creates a new repository by using rootKey as the root Key for the
// TUF repository. The remote store/server must be reachable (and is asked to
// generate a timestamp key and possibly other serverManagedRoles), but the
// created repository result is only stored on local cache, not published to
// the remote store. To do that, use r.Publish() eventually.
Initialize(rootKeyIDs []string, serverManagedRoles error
// InitializeWithCertificate initializes the repository with root keys and their
// corresponding certificates
InitializeWithCertificate(rootKeyIDs []string, rootCerts []data.PublicKey, serverManagedRoles error
// Publish pushes the local changes in signed material to the remote notary-server
// Conceptually it performs an operation similar to a `git rebase`
Publish() error
// ----- Target Operations -----
// AddTarget creates new changelist entries to add a target to the given roles
// in the repository when the changelist gets applied at publish time.
// If roles are unspecified, the default role is "targets"
AddTarget(target *Target, roles error
// RemoveTarget creates new changelist entries to remove a target from the given
// roles in the repository when the changelist gets applied at publish time.
// If roles are unspecified, the default role is "target".
RemoveTarget(targetName string, roles error
// ----- Changelist operations -----
// GetChangelist returns the list of the repository's unpublished changes
GetChangelist() (changelist.Changelist, error)
// ----- Role operations -----
// AddDelegation creates changelist entries to add provided delegation public keys and paths.
// This method composes AddDelegationRoleAndKeys and AddDelegationPaths (each creates one changelist if called).
AddDelegation(name data.RoleName, delegationKeys []data.PublicKey, paths []string) error
// AddDelegationRoleAndKeys creates a changelist entry to add provided delegation public keys.
// This method is the simplest way to create a new delegation, because the delegation must have at least
// one key upon creation to be valid since we will reject the changelist while validating the threshold.
AddDelegationRoleAndKeys(name data.RoleName, delegationKeys []data.PublicKey) error
// AddDelegationPaths creates a changelist entry to add provided paths to an existing delegation.
// This method cannot create a new delegation itself because the role must meet the key threshold upon
// creation.
AddDelegationPaths(name data.RoleName, paths []string) error
// RemoveDelegationKeysAndPaths creates changelist entries to remove provided delegation key IDs and
// paths. This method composes RemoveDelegationPaths and RemoveDelegationKeys (each creates one
// changelist entry if called).
RemoveDelegationKeysAndPaths(name data.RoleName, keyIDs, paths []string) error
// RemoveDelegationRole creates a changelist to remove all paths and keys from a role, and delete the
// role in its entirety.
RemoveDelegationRole(name data.RoleName) error
// RemoveDelegationPaths creates a changelist entry to remove provided paths from an existing delegation.
RemoveDelegationPaths(name data.RoleName, paths []string) error
// RemoveDelegationKeys creates a changelist entry to remove provided keys from an existing delegation.
// When this changelist is applied, if the specified keys are the only keys left in the role,
// the role itself will be deleted in its entirety.
// It can also delete a key from all delegations under a parent using a name
// with a wildcard at the end.
RemoveDelegationKeys(name data.RoleName, keyIDs []string) error
// ClearDelegationPaths creates a changelist entry to remove all paths from an existing delegation.
ClearDelegationPaths(name data.RoleName) error
// ----- Witness and other re-signing operations -----
// Witness creates change objects to witness (i.e. re-sign) the given
// roles on the next publish. One change is created per role
Witness(roles ([]data.RoleName, error)
// ----- Key Operations -----
// RotateKey removes all existing keys associated with the role. If no keys are
// specified in keyList, then this creates and adds one new key or delegates
// managing the key to the server. If key(s) are specified by keyList, then they are
// used for signing the role.
// These changes are staged in a changelist until publish is called.
RotateKey(role data.RoleName, serverManagesKey bool, keyList []string) error
// GetCryptoService is the getter for the repository's CryptoService, which is used
// to sign all updates.
GetCryptoService() signed.CryptoService
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