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@lukpueh lukpueh released this Nov 15, 2019

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@lukpueh lukpueh released this Oct 15, 2019 · 36 commits to develop since this release

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@awwad awwad released this Jan 10, 2019 · 213 commits to develop since this release


v0.11.2.dev3 -- not stable due to compromised slow retrieval attack protection

  • Fix unnecessary delegated role downloads when using Updater.targets_of_role (PR here)
  • Minor documentation refinements and corrections
  • Highlight deprecations of Updater.targets_of_role() and Updater.all_targets().
  • Update dependencies to latest versions: pbr, colorama, cryptography, ipaddress (Python2 only), pyyaml, six, requests, idna.
  • Other minor changes
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@awwad awwad released this Nov 5, 2018 · 236 commits to develop since this release


v0.11.2.dev2 -- not stable

  • Upgrade dependencies to latest versions.
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@awwad awwad released this Oct 3, 2018 · 257 commits to develop since this release


v0.11.2.dev1 -- not stable

  • Allow TUF to work through proxies (HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP (HTTP CONNECT))
    • Adds requests as a dependency
    • Loses defense against a set of slow retrieval attacks in which the malicious server waits on the order of a second between every byte sent!
  • Revise password handling for encrypted keys
  • Upgrade dependencies to latest versions.
  • Update tutorials

For now, this development release does not include a full changelog entry. To see the full list of changes, see this commit list.

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@vladimir-v-diaz vladimir-v-diaz released this Jun 19, 2018 · 359 commits to develop since this release



  • Prevent persistent freeze attack (pr #737).

  • Add --no-release option to CLI.

  • Issue deprecation warning for all_targets() and targets_of_role().

  • Disable file logging, by default.

  • Tweak network settings (in for production environments.

  • Add tuf.log.enable_file_logging() and tuf.log.disable_file_logging().

  • Replace %xx escapes in URLs.

  • Support Appveyor (for Windows) with Continuous Integration.

  • Run unit tests in Python 3.4 & 3.5 under Appveyor.

  • Edit contact text to encourage users to report issues with specification.

  • Generate (w/ CLI) Ed25519 keys, by default.

  • Upgrade dependencies to latest versions.

  • Add, which is used to generate the other requirement files.

  • Update list of adopters.

  • Convert README to Markdown.

  • Update installation instructions to note SSLib's optional dependencies
    that should be installed to support RSA, ECDSA, etc. keys.

  • Add unit test for persistent freeze attack.

  • Update list of tasks in

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@vladimir-v-diaz vladimir-v-diaz released this Apr 30, 2018 · 476 commits to develop since this release



Note: This is a backwards-incompatible pre-release.

  • Make significant improvements to execution speed of updater.

  • Resolve all of the unit test failures in Windows.

  • Add or revise many CLI options.

    • Add --revoke
    • Support ECDSA, RSA, and Ed25519 keys
    • Fully support delegated roles
    • Revise help descriptions
    • Allow 2+ roles to delegate to the same role
    • Add --remove
    • Add --trust
    • Remove obsolete code
    • Add --distrust
    • Allow any top-level role to be signed
    • Allow multiple signing keys with --sign
    • Rename default directories
    • etc.
  • Revise CLI documentation, such as

  • Ensure consistent behavior between add_targets and add_target().

  • Add a CLI doc that demonstrates more complex examples.

  • Move LICENSE files to the root directory.

  • Update dependencies.

  • Update to fix links.

  • Fix bug where the latest consistent metadata is not loaded.

  • Modify the pyup update schedule from daily to weekly.

  • Add hashes to requirements.txt.

  • Update AUTHORS.txt and add organizations.

  • Replace deprecated 'cryptography' functions.

  • Remove dependency in dev-requirements.txt that causes error.

  • Ensure that the latest consistent metadata is added to Snapshot.

  • Tweak a few logger and exception messages.

  • Revise introductory text in README.

  • Update and link to pages that cover each adoption.

  • Remove target paths in metadata that contain leading path separators.

  • Address Pylint/Bandit warnings for the CLI modules.

  • Replace calls to deprecated 'imp' module.

  • Fix bug where the hashing algorithms used to generate local KEYIDs does not
    match the ones chosen by the repo.

  • Fix bug in tuf.sig.get_signature_status() where a given threshold is not used.

  • Refactor code that stores the previous keyids of a role.

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@vladimir-v-diaz vladimir-v-diaz released this Jan 31, 2018 · 737 commits to develop since this release

Note: This is a backwards-incompatible pre-release.

  • Support TAP 4 (multiple repository concensus on entrusted targets).

  • Add quick start guide.

  • Add CLI ( to create and modify repositories.

  • Refactor client CLI (

  • Add to manage dependencies.

  • Update all dependencies to their latest versions.

  • Add Pylint and Bandit (security) linters to Travis CI. Fix issues reported
    by both linters.

  • Tidy up documenation and directory structure.

  • Add option to exclude custom field when returning valid targetinfo with

  • Fix PGP key fingerprint provided for security vulnerability reports.

  • Modify API for creating delegations.

  • Add wrapper functions for securesystemslib functions.

  • Fix bug: non-default repository names raises an exception.

  • Refactor modules for inconsistent use of whitespace and indentation.

  • Add cryptographic functions to read and write keys from memory.

  • Add full support for ECDSA keys. List ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 in specification.

  • Remove example metadata. Documentation now points to up-to-date metadata
    in the tests directory.

  • Remove all references to PyCrypto.

  • Add copyright and license to all modules.

  • Add README for the unit tests.

  • Remove remnants of the compressed metadata feature (now discontinued).

  • Fix minor issues such as broken links, typos, etc.

  • Update configuration files to fix issues, such as duplicate upgrade commands,
    badges, etc.

  • Revise policy on static code analysis, CI, etc.

  • Earn CII Best Practices Badge.

  • Reach 98% score for CII Silver Badge.

  • Remove obsolete code, such as, interposition,
    check_crypto_libraries(), etc.

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@vladimir-v-diaz vladimir-v-diaz released this Nov 13, 2017 · 1125 commits to develop since this release

Note: This is a backwards-incompatible pre-release.

  • Add, MAINTAINERS.txt,,,, DCO requirements, and instructions for submitting a vulnerability

  • Move specification to

  • Dual license the project: MIT license and Apache license, version 2.

  • Update to latest version of securesystemslib v0.10.8, which dropped PyCrypto
    and multi-lib support.

  • Add ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 to specification.

  • Remove directory of example metadata. Documentation now references unit test

  • Implement TAP 9 (mandatory metadata signing schemes).

  • Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.3.

  • Support Python 3.6.

  • Improve code coverage to 99%.

  • Convert specification from text to Markdown format.

  • Add MERCURY paper, which covers protection against roleback attacks.

  • Implement TAP 6 (include specification version in metadata).

  • Implement TAP 10 (remove native support for compressed metadata).

  • Support ability to append an externally-generated signature to metadata.

  • Remove capitalization from rolenames listed in metadata.

  • Add a more detailed client workflow to specification.

  • Modify client workflow: A client must now fetch root first. Intermediate
    versions of Root must also be downloaded and verified by the client. See
    specification for modified workflow.

  • Fix bug with key IDs, where incorrect number of key IDs are detected.

  • Minor bug fixes, such as catching correct type and number of exceptions,
    detection of slow retrieval attack, etc.

  • Do not list Root's hash and lenth in Snapshot (only its version number).

  • Allow user to configure hashing algorithm used to generate hashed bin delegations.

  • Fix Markdown errors in

  • Add fast-forward attack to specification

  • Remove simple-settings dependency

  • Move crypto-related code to external library (securesystemslib).

  • Allow replacement of already listed targets in metadata. Fix issue #319.

  • Add instructions for contributors in README.

  • Copy (rather than link) target file to consistent target. Fix issue #390.

  • Rename target() -> get_one_valid_targetinfo().

  • Ensure consistent Root is written if consistent snapshot = False. Fix issue #391.

  • repository_tool.status(): Print status of only the top-level roles.

  • Document and demonstrate protection against repository attacks.

  • Add installation instructions for Fedora-based environments.

  • Exclude "private" dict key from metadata.

  • "backtrack" attribute renamed to "terminating".

  • Fix data loss that might occur during sudden power failure. Pull requests #365, 367.

  • Add repository tool function that can mark roles as dirty.

  • Store all delegated roles in one flat directory.

  • Support Unix shell-style wildcards for paths listed in metadata.

  • Add draft of specification (version 1.0).

  • Sleep a short while during while loop to release CPU.

  • Support multiple key ID hashing algorithms.

  • Prepend version number to filename of consistent metadata.

  • Remove updater method: refresh_targets_metadata_chain().

  • Add Diplomat paper. It covers integrating TUF with community repositories.

  • Add project logo.

  • Delegations now resemble a graph, rather than a tree.

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@vladimir-v-diaz vladimir-v-diaz released this Jan 22, 2016 · 2048 commits to develop since this release

  • Fix Python 3 str<->bytes issues
  • Drop support for Python 3.2
  • Support Python 3.5
  • Fix for Issue #244 (hash, rather than hash algorithm, should be prepended to consistent targets)
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