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Vajko framework example application

This is example application which demonstate application of Vajko framework.

This famework is used to demostrate web applicaiton based on MVC architecture. It is designed as educational resource, therefore whole solution is very simple and minimaslistic. Framework is using own class loading, router and templates. Whole application pars are written in PHP and fullty traceable. More information can be found in wiki


! Currently still under development and testing ! You need to install is as dev

composer create-project -s dev thevajko/vf-sandbox my-super-project

There are several ways to install sandbox application. First and recommended solution is to use Composer with follow command:

composer create-project thevajko/vf-sandbox my-super-project

If you want to install it to current folder just run this:

composer create-project thevajko/vf-sandbox .

Another way is to use Git.