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Turn your videos into palette-mapped gifs with this easy script
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FFMPEG gif script for bash

Football Coding example Gliding example

Script to generate animated gifs easily from command line.

Outputs palette-mapped .gifs with great colours & desired resolution from your videos.


  • Clone the repo
  • Install ffmpeg (you might need to install a package manager, such as homebrew for OS X)


  • Run ./gifenc [input movie file] [generated gif's name] [horizontal resolution] [frames per second (fps)]
  • i.e.: ./gifenc output.gif 720 10 will output 720px wide 10fps .gif. (chmod +x might be needed to run beforehand)


  • Tweak the parameters in order to get internet-shareable sizes
  • Tested with most common movie formats

Special thanks to this article.

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