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ThreadTone | a halftone representation of an image made of thread

The process of generating an image with thread is an idea of Petros Vrellis. As I've documented here the process is comprised of three steps:

  • Image pre-processing (cropping, resizing, etc.)
  • Algorithm to place threads
  • In my case parsing the result to G-Code for automated fabrication

To use this tool, run:

python -p [image-path] -l [number-of-lines-to-draw] -n [number-of-pins-to-draw-with]

ex: python -p kitten.jpg -l 2000 -n 250
ex: python -p puppr.png

Note: imgPath is a required field, and to give a value to numPins

A set of two example images can be found below. Please refer to my blog for more details.

Threaded portrait of Poetin

Threaded portrait of Angelina


This script is released under MIT License.