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(English version below)

欢迎使用 CafeMaker !

CafeMaker 是一个 xivapi 的分支。


要使用 CafeMaker 十分简单,只需要将你客户端中原来访问 的地方,修改为访问 即可。

Welcome to CafeMaker!

CafeMaker is a xivapi fork.

We add chinese along with other languages data for xivapi requests, BUT WE ONLY contains data when chinese server updates. If you are targting all users around the world, be sure to add a region option for your user to choose between our services and xivapi services.

Replace urls from to and then you can use our server. Be sure to remove algo argument when you are searching chinese.

You can have your developer account here. If there are issues, you can report it at here (in English or Chinese), or chat with us on our Discord Server.

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