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Graphical application to serve WebAssembly modules
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WebAssembly Visual Server

WebAssembly modules cannot be referenced directly from HTML, instead additional JavaScript code is required to load, compile, and instantiate them. For security reasons, this also prevents them to be loaded directly from local disk, instead they have to be served over HTTP with the appropriate cross-origin header.

WebAssembly Visual Server is a small, cross-platform graphical utility that serves WebAssembly modules locally, eliminating the need to configure and run a full-featured web server for development. It can also open a page with the module already loaded, compiled, and instantiated, for easy access in the console.

For an overview and precompiled binaries see the project page.


The source code and issues are available on GitHub.


To compile from source install Kotlin 1.3, JDK 11, Go 1.12, and Python 3.7, and then run the script from any directory:

./ <executable path> <jdk path> <system> <architecture>

Instead of specifying them on the command line, arguments can also be given as environment variables. When both specified, command-line arguments are given priority over environment variables. A single - can be used in place of a command-line argument to only specify certain arguments on the command line.

<executable path> or the WAVS_EXECUTABLE_PATH environment variable is the path of the generated executable. It can be a path to either a file or a directory, in which case a default file name of webassembly-visual-server is used.

<jdk path> or the WAVS_JDK_PATH environment variable is the path to the directory containing the Java Development Kit the Java runtime packaged with the executable will be generated from.

<system> or the WAVS_SYSTEM environment variable and <architecture> or the WAVS_ARCHITECTURE environment variable are the target operating system and processor architecture identifiers passed to the Go compiler.


WebAssembly Visual Server is licensed under the ISC License.

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