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WCA Regulations

This repository contains the WCA Regulations and Guidelines, which apply to all official competitions for the 3x3x3 Cube and other twisty puzzles, sanctioned by the World Cube Association.

Official competitions must always use the current version of the Regulations at, which matches the branch named official on GitHub.

The current draft for upcoming Regulations is maintained on the branch named draft. The amendment procedure of the WCA Regulations and Guidelines is made following Motion 14.2022.1.


See thewca/wca-regulations-translations for further information.

WCA Forum

Public discussions of the WCA Regulations and Guidelines takes place in the WCA Forum. In addition, there are the following post in the WCA Forum:


The WRC uses GitHub issues for keeping track of the team logistics. If you find a typo on the Regulations, you can submit an issue.

The thewca/wca-regulations/wiki is used for posting the WRC Operations and the meetings minutes logs.

WRC Priorities

GitHub Project Boards that keep track of our current work:

WRC Minutes Log

GitHub Wiki page that keeps track of the Committee meeting minutes. See thewca/wca-regulations/wiki.