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Specify that clock stands are allowed. (#890)

* Specify that clock stands are allowed.

* Update

* Update
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lgarron committed Dec 2, 2019
1 parent 06a06f9 commit b2db7e13684ae671a8e0e3565524ce88739a83bd
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@@ -511,6 +511,8 @@ Note: Because Article and Regulation numbers are not reassigned when Regulations

- F1) Standard speed solving procedures are followed, as described in [Article A](regulations:article:A) (Speed Solving). Additional regulations that supersede the corresponding procedures in [Article A](regulations:article:A) are described below.
- F2) The judge places the scrambled puzzle onto the mat in a standing position.
- F2a) The organization team may enforce using a stand for the puzzle to prevent it from falling before the start of the attempt. If such stands are used, this must be announced before the round starts.
- F2a1) The judge must remove the stand from the mat immediately after the competitor removes the puzzle from it.
- F3) At the end of the inspection period, the competitor places the puzzle in a standing position. Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF).
- F3a) The competitor must not change the positions of any pins from their scrambled positions before the start of the solve. Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF).

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