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1c3++) Specify that physical records must be retained.

Addresses issue #78.
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Lucas Garron
Lucas Garron committed Dec 11, 2013
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@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ To be more informative, each Guideline is classified using one of the following
## <article-1><officials><officials> Article 1: Officials

- 1c3+) [RECOMMENDATION] Results should be ready at the end of the last day of competition.
- 1c3++) [ADDITION] Physical records (e.g. score cards, written solutions from Fewest Moves Solving) must be retained for a minimum of one month. Digital records (e.g. scramble sequences, results) must be retained permanently.
- 1c3b+) [CLARIFICATION] If there are multiple groups, it is not necessary to identify which competitor was in which groups.
- 1c4+) [RECOMMENDATION] Corrections to the results should be available within one week of the competition date.
- 1c10+) [CLARIFICATION] It is sufficient to ensure access to a digital copy of the Regulations.

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