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Clarify how to handle missing scramble signatures. (#883)

* Clarify how to handle missing scramble signatures.

* Update

Co-Authored-By: Iván Brigidano Pérez <>
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lgarron and Ivan-Brigidano committed Nov 30, 2019
1 parent 726ae45 commit e68603acbc43184c5a98bca046e96761731ace82
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@@ -165,6 +165,8 @@ To be more informative, each Guideline is classified using one of the following
- A1a4+) [REMINDER] If a competitor has accidentally been permitted to exceed the time limit, the time limit must be enforced retroactively, and the judge, competitor, and WCA Delegate should be informed (see [Regulation 1g2](regulations:regulation:1g2)). Judges must always be aware of the time limit for a current attempt (which might depend on previous attempts, in the case of a cumulative time limit).
- A1c+) [CLARIFICATION] WCA Delegates should only use their discretion to prevent competitors from being a severe detriment to the competition (e.g. wasting time and/or competition resources). Competitors should not be disqualified for a "poor" result when they are competing to the best of their abilities.
- A2c1+) [REMINDER] In the past, score sheets have been used to cover puzzles while leaving some sides exposed. This is no longer permitted.
- A2d1+) [ADDITION] If a missing scramble signature is discovered before an attempt, the puzzle should immediately be returned to a scrambler for verification and a corresponding signature.
- A2d1++) [ADDITION] If a missing scramble signature is discovered after the beginning of the attempt, the result may be kept, at the discretion of the WCA Delegate. However, the WCA Delegate should not allow such incidents to become common.
- A3c3+) [CLARIFICATION] The competitor may reset the timer before/during the inspection phase if the judge accidentally neglected to do so. However, it is the responsibility of the judge to make sure the timer has been reset (see [Regulation A3b](regulations:regulation:A3b)). If the competitor accidentally tries to start the solve with a timer that the judge did not reset (i.e. the competitor performs inspection, places hands on the timer for a reasonable length of time, assumes that the timer will start normally, and starts to operate the puzzle), the attempt should be replaced by an extra attempt, at the discretion of the WCA Delegate.
- A3c3++) [CLARIFICATION] The competitor cannot "test" or "restart" the timer during inspection, since inspection ends once the competitor starts the solve (see [Regulation A4d](regulations:regulation:A4d)). If the competitor stops the timer after they have started it for the first time, this is considered stopping the solve (see [Regulation A6](regulations:regulation:A6)), even if they do so within 15 seconds of starting inspection.
- A3c4+) [CLARIFICATION] If the use of a thin object inside the puzzle has been enforced, the judge must not remove the object on behalf of the competitor.

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