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Implement adding registrations via form #4392

merged 2 commits into from Aug 4, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -58,3 +58,13 @@ function compareHtmlContent(a, b) {
var second = $('<p>' + b + '</p>').text().trim();
return first.localeCompare(second);

onPage('registrations#add, registrations#do_add', function() {
// Bind all/clear cubing event buttons
$('#clear-all-events').on('click', function() {
$('#events input[type="checkbox"]').prop('checked', false);
$('#select-all-events').on('click', function() {
$('#events input[type="checkbox"]').prop('checked', true);
@@ -17,7 +17,10 @@ class RegistrationsController < ApplicationController

before_action :competition_must_be_using_wca_registration!, except: [:import, :do_import, :index, :psych_sheet, :psych_sheet_event]
before_action -> { redirect_to_root_unless_user(:can_manage_competition?, competition_from_params) },
only: [:edit_registrations, :do_actions_for_selected, :edit, :refund_payment, :import, :do_import, :add, :do_add]

before_action :competition_must_be_using_wca_registration!, except: [:import, :do_import, :add, :do_add, :index, :psych_sheet, :psych_sheet_event]
private def competition_must_be_using_wca_registration!
if !competition_from_params.use_wca_registration?
flash[:danger] = I18n.t('registrations.flash.not_using_wca')
@@ -32,8 +35,6 @@ class RegistrationsController < ApplicationController

before_action -> { redirect_to_root_unless_user(:can_manage_competition?, competition_from_params) }, only: [:edit_registrations, :do_actions_for_selected, :edit, :refund_payment]

def edit_registrations
@show_events = params[:show_events] == "true"
@show_full_mail = params[:show_email] == "true"
@@ -166,6 +167,38 @@ def do_import
redirect_to competition_registrations_import_url(competition)

def add
@competition = competition_from_params

def do_add
@competition = competition_from_params
if @competition.registration_full?

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jfly Aug 4, 2019


Is there a race condition here if there are two registrations happening simultaneously where only 1 should happen, but they both do? I'm not too familiar with the competition limit enforcement code, so this problem very well may exist in other places. If the problem does exist in other places, I'm ok with waiting to take care of this another time (maybe as part of #3451?)

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jonatanklosko Aug 4, 2019

Author Member

There most likely is, although in this case I believe it's unlikely enough (definitely less likely than in case of a registration process with multiple people registering). Absolutely something we can work on separately.

flash[:danger] = "The competitor limit has been reached."
redirect_to competition_path(@competition)
ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do
user, locked_account_created = user_for_registration!(params[:registration_data])
registration = @competition.registrations.find_or_initialize_by(user_id:
raise "This person already has a registration." unless registration.new_record?
registration.assign_attributes(accepted_at:, accepted_by:
params[:registration_data][:event_ids]&.each do |event_id|
competition_event = @competition.competition_events.find { |ce| ce.event_id == event_id }
if locked_account_created
RegistrationsMailer.notify_registrant_of_locked_account_creation(user, @competition).deliver_later
flash[:success] = "Successfully added registration!"
redirect_to competition_registrations_add_url(@competition)
rescue StandardError => e[:danger] = e.to_s
render :add

private def user_for_registration!(registration_row)
@@ -0,0 +1,52 @@
<% provide(:title, t('registrations.add.title', comp: %>

<%= render layout: "nav" do %>
<% if @competition.registration_full? %>
<%= alert :warning, t('registrations.mailer.deleted.causes.registrations_full'), note: true %>
<% else %>
<%= alert :info, t(''), note: true %>
<%= simple_form_for :registration_data, url: competition_registrations_do_add_path(@competition) do |f| %>
<%= f.input :name, input_html: { value: params.dig(:registration_data, :name) },
label: t('') %>
<%= f.input :country, selected: params.dig(:registration_data, :country),
include_blank: true,
collection: Country.real,
value_method: lambda { |c| },
label_method: lambda { |c| },
label: t('activerecord.attributes.user.country_iso2') %>
<%= f.input :birth_date, as: :date_picker,
input_html: { value: params.dig(:registration_data, :birth_date) },
label: t('activerecord.attributes.user.dob') %>
<%= f.input :gender, selected: params.dig(:registration_data, :gender), #
include_blank: true,
collection: User::ALLOWABLE_GENDERS,
label_method: User::GENDER_LABEL_METHOD,
label: t('activerecord.attributes.user.gender') %>
<%= f.input :email, input_html: { value: params.dig(:registration_data, :email) },
label: t('') %>
<%= f.input :wca_id, as: :wca_id,
input_html: { value: params.dig(:registration_data, :wca_id) },
label: t('activerecord.attributes.user.wca_id') %>

<div class="form-group">
<%= label_tag "events" do %>
<%= t '' %>
<button type="button" id="select-all-events" class="btn btn-primary btn-xs"><%= t 'competitions.index.all_events' %></button>
<button type="button" id="clear-all-events" class="btn btn-default btn-xs"><%= t 'competitions.index.clear' %></button>
<% end %>
<div id="events">
<% do |event| %>
<span class="event-checkbox">
<%= label_tag "checkbox-#{}" do %>
<%= check_box_tag "registration_data[event_ids][]",, params.dig(:registration_data, :event_ids)&.include?(, id: "checkbox-#{}" %>
<%= cubing_icon, data: { toggle: "tooltip", placement: "top" }, title: %>
<% end %>
<% end %>

<%= f.submit t('registrations.add.add'), class: "btn btn-primary" %>
<% end %>
<% end %>
<% end %>
@@ -1016,6 +1016,10 @@ en:
registrations_file_label: "Registrations file"
registrations_file_hint: "CSV file with columns: Status, Name, Country, WCA ID, Birth Date, Gender, Email, and one column for each event."
import: "Import"
title: "Add registration for %{comp}"
info: "This will create an approved registration. Use this form to add walk-ins during the competition."
add: "Add registration"
#context: Key used when managing competitions
#context: generic message
@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@
post 'registrations/export' => 'registrations#export', as: :registrations_export
get 'registrations/import' => 'registrations#import', as: :registrations_import
post 'registrations/import' => 'registrations#do_import', as: :registrations_do_import
get 'registrations/add' => 'registrations#add', as: :registrations_add
post 'registrations/add' => 'registrations#do_add', as: :registrations_do_add
get 'registrations/psych-sheet' => 'registrations#psych_sheet', as: :psych_sheet
get 'registrations/psych-sheet/:event_id' => 'registrations#psych_sheet_event', as: :psych_sheet_event
resources :registrations, only: [:index, :update, :create, :edit, :destroy], shallow: true
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