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Ruby based SCM notification script
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== Synopsis 
  Party like it's 2007! I know all the cool kids have migrated to git, but I found this script in my
  cupboard and thought I may as well release it in case it's of use to anybody.

  This script is an scm hook script (initially for svn) to submit commit messages to a
  twitter feed for notification.

== Examples
  Add the following to your post-commit file

  /opt/svn/hooks/ruby_scm_twitter.rb -u <twitter username> -p <twitter password> -f "${REPOS}" -r "${REV}"

== Usage 
  * Put ruby-scm-twitter.rb in your hooks directory
  * Make sure it is executable
  * Register a twitter user, add friends (keep the user's feed private
    if you dont want the world reading your commits...)
  * Edit your post-commit file in hooks to call the script

== Prerequisites
  You'll need the following gems: twitter, httparty
  You will also need the svn binaries in your path statement to allow svnlook to be called

== Options
  -u, --user        Twitter username
  -p, --password    Twitter password
  -f, --file        Repository of commit
  -r, --revision    Revision number of commit
  -s, --scm         SCM to use (initially only supports SVN)
  -v, --version     Display version of this script
  -V, --verbose     Verbose
  -h, --help        Help

== Author
  Chris Anderton
  Inspired by twitvn (

  Application skeleton by Todd Werth (

== Copyright
  Copyright (c) 2009 Chris Anderton.
  Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3
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