Convert the silverstripe 4 elemental module to a grid module
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SilverStripe Elemental Grid


This module converts the elemental module ( into a grid module



  • SilverStripe CMS ^4.0
  • dnadesign/silverstripe-elemental dev-master
  • Frontend css supporting a bootstrap style grid system (col-xs-X col-sm-X col-md-X col-lg-X visible-XS/SM/MD/LG hidden-XS/SM/MD/LG and col-xs-offset-X etc)


composer require "thewebmen/silverstripe-elemental-grid" "dev-master"

After that follow the steps from the elemental documentation installation section after the composer require:


TheWebmen\ElementalGrid\Extensions\BaseElementExtension num_columns (default: 12)

Add settings to rows

  • Add a dataextension to TheWebmen\ElementalGrid\Models\ElementRow
  • Copy the template TheWebmen/ElementalGrid/Models/ to your theme

Nested rows/grids

To create nested rows or grids you need to create a grid element ss the elemental documentation for more information.

Disallow rows

See the elemental documentation: and add TheWebmen\ElementalGrid\Models\ElementRow to the disallowed_elements


  • Break point switch in grid view (lg,md,sm,xs)