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A simple database base on react-native AsyncStorage.


$ npm install react-native-store --save

Upgrading from previous version? Check for breaking-changes.

Data anatomy

         |---totalrows (variable)
         |---autoinc (variable)
         |---rows (array)
                |--- _id (number)
                |--- ....


  • Model( modelName ) : returns a Model object
  • Model.add( data, filter ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.update( data, filter ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.updateById( data, id ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.remove( filter ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.removeById( id ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.find( filter ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.findById( id ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.get( filter ) : returns a promise object
  • Model.destroy() : returns a promise object

Simple example

import Store from 'react-native-store';

const DB = {
    'foo': Store.model('foo'),
    'bar': Store.model('bar')

// somewhere inside react components

componentDidMount() {
    // Return all items => this.setState({items: resp}));

handleFilter(itemName) {{
        where: {
            and: [{ foo: { neq: itemName } }, { age: { gte: 5 } }]
        order: {
            age: 'ASC',
    }).then(resp => this.setState({items: resp}));

handleOnPress() {{
        foo: 'foo',
        bar: 'bar',
        age: 12

Advanced Filtering

Filtering adds more advanced logic to queries. This implementation is heavily based off of LoopBack's implementation. However, there are some important things that are different/leftout:

  • The include filter is not implemented as it is not relevant.
  • The near and like/nlike operators are not implemented.
  • The skip filter in LoopBack is the offset filter in this implementation to stay consistent with previous versions.

Note: Query operations on object nested within an entry are not perfect. For example, trying to update an entry that looks something like this:

  location: { name: 'place', distance: 'far' }

With this as the value of a where filter:

  location: { name: 'place' }

Will overwrite the value of location, effectively removing the distance property. This occurs similarly with the order and fields filter, as you can only apply the filters to values that are not nested within an object.


  • Fork this Repo first
  • Clone your Repo
  • Install dependencies by $ npm install
  • Checkout develop branch
  • Feel free to add your features
  • Make sure your features are fully tested
  • Publish your local branch, Open a pull request
  • Enjoy hacking <3
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