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Patches for ServiceNow UI16 interface.
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UI16 Developer Patch

Download v2.5 from Share

UI16 Developer Patch is an addon for ServiceNow that enhances the UI16 interface to add some features that were taken away in the upgrade to UI16 or just have never existed. Patches are configurable using system properties and are applied using a global UI Script.

Navigator Module Context Menus!

You can right click on any navigator menu application or module and choose 'Edit module' to edit the record.

Navigator Menu

Widened Header Dropdown

The choice list drop-downs in the header are 120px wide by default. This makes them hard to read and work with, so this patch widens all the selectors in the header, including Update Set, Application and Domain pickers.

The pickers are automatically resized when you resize the browser window or when you open the global search. They are automatically hidden if there is literally no room to show them.

The minimum and maximum widths can be controlled using system properties.

Widened Pickers

Interactive Icons

By default, the icons in the header next to the Update Set and Application pickers don't do anything. With this patch, you can now click the icon next to the selector and it will open an action menu.

Update Set Menu

Click the icon next to the update set picker to view a list of handy actions.

  • View the current update set record.
  • Create a new update set.
  • View a list of all the update sets in the system.
  • View a list of all the update sets that are in progress.
  • Go to the Retrieved Update Sets list (admin only).
  • Navigate to the Import Set sources table for remote imports.
  • Navigate directly to Import an Update Set from XML (admin only).
  • Force refresh the selected update set (handy if you use many tabs).

Update Set Menu

Application Menu

Click the icon next to the application menu to view a list of handy actions.

  • Open the application in Studio
  • View the current application record.
  • Create a new application.
  • View all the application records in the system.
  • Go directly to the App Manager.
  • Force refresh the selected application (handy if you use many tabs).

Application Menu

Domain Menu

Click the icon next to the domain menu to view a list of handy actions. This is restricted to the domain_admin role.

  • View the current domain record.
  • Create a new domain.
  • View all the domain records in the current domain.
  • Go directly to the Domain Map.
  • Force refresh the selected domain (handy if you use many tabs or might have timed out).

Application Menu

User Profile Menu

The user profile menu has an 'Unimpersonate' option added so you (and any other user with the 'Impersonate User' option) now have a handy link to quickly exit impersonation.

User Profile Menu

Custom Properties

The application uses a number of system properties which you can use to configure how the application works. You can view these properties in the application menu: [ws] UI16 Developer Patch > Properties.

Custom Menu Items

It is possible for you to modify and add your own menu items. This is done using the UI Script snd_ui16_developer_patch_menus.

This script contains an object containing a series of generator functions that return an array of menu items.

You can add, remove or modify these menu items to suit. Comments have been added to point you in the right direction for each menu.

Menu Item

A menu item is an object:

  // Required. The name of the menu item, i.e. what you click on.
  name: "My view",

  // Optional. Do anything you like in the client using this function.
  fn: function (options) {

  // Optional. Restrict to a specific role (just in case).
  role: 'admin',

  // Optional. Specify the target window to open the url in. Optional. Default 'gsft_main'.
  target: '_blank',

  // Optional. The url you want to open.
  url: '/'

The target and url properties can also be functions. Each menu type passes in an options object containing contextual properties for the item selected.

  name: 'Open in new window',
  target: function (options) {
    return options.module.$id;
  url: function (options) {
    if (options.module.hasClass('nav-app') || options.module.hasClass('app-node')) {
      return '';
    return options.module.attr('href');

All functions are passed two parameters: options and config.

The options object contains contextual properties specific to the menu/item being used.

The config object contains the system properties for you system.

Config Properties

These are the properties available in the config object passed as the second parameter into all menu item functions.

config.navigator.width Modify the width of the navigator in pixels. Default 285. Allow the navigator to be patched. Default true.

config.navigator_context.hide_pencil Hide the pencil icon from later versions of UI16 (use Edit in context menu instead). Default true. Allow the pickers to be patched. Default true.

config.picker_width.max_width Set the maximum width in pixels of the pickers. Default 300.

config.picker_width.min_width Set the minimum width in pixels of the pickers. Default 60.

config.picker_width.load_timeout The time in ms to wait so that everything can load. Default 2000.

config.picker_width.max_search_width The width of the header search box when it has focus. Default 150. Allow the picker icons to be patched. Default true.

config.picker_icon.domain_table The name of table being used to manage domains. Allow the profile menu to be patched. Default true.

config.profile_menu.check_impersonation Check if the user is being impersonated so the Unimpersonate menu item can be added. This performs an AJAX query.

config.profile_menu.link_preferences Show a link to the user's preferences on the User Profile menu.


The patch is deployed as a ServiceNow global application.

An application menu is installed which gives easy access to properties that control the patches.


MIT Licence

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