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import scrapy
class TestScraperSpider(scrapy.Spider):
name = 'test_scraper'
start_urls = [
def parse(self, response):
# follow links to individual pages
for link in response.xpath('//div[@id="content"]/div[@class="caseblock"]'):
# extract the label and url
label = link.xpath('./div[@class="casedescr"]/text()').extract_first()
url = link.xpath('./a/@href').extract_first()
# follow the table report url
if label == 'complicated block layout presented as a price list':
yield response.follow(url, callback=self.parse_block_layout)
def parse_block_layout(self, response):
# loop through the two cases
for case_array in response.xpath('//div[@id="case_blocks"]/*[starts-with(@id, "case")]'):
# retrieve the current case ID
case = case_array.xpath('@id').extract_first()
# extract differently depending on case
if case == 'case1':
# loop through the products, ignore ads
for product in case_array.xpath('./div[starts-with(@class, "prod")]'):
name = product.xpath('./span/div[@class="name"]/text()').extract_first()
desc = product.xpath('./span[1]/text()').extract_first()
price = product.xpath('./span[2]/text()').extract_first()
yield {
'name': name,
'desc': desc,
'price': price
if case == 'case2':
# loop through each class="left" div
for div in case_array.xpath('//div[@class="left"]'):
# set a row number so we can find the corresponding price row
# loop through each product within
for row, product in enumerate(div.xpath('./*[starts-with(@class, "prod")]')):
name = product.xpath('./div[@class="name"]/text()').extract_first()
desc = product.xpath('./text()').extract_first()
# find the price in the corresponding class="right" div
price = div.xpath('./following-sibling::div[1][@class="right"]/\
div[starts-with(@class, "price")][' + str(row) + ']\
yield {
'name': name,
'desc': desc,
'price': price