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This is the repository for Website Meta Language:

More info can be found under the src/ sub-directory.

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What is it?

Website Meta Language is an offline HTML preprocessor, which dates back to the 1990s and is written in Perl 5 and C. It can be used for static site generation . Note that, while being powerful and capable, it is somewhat slow, may sometimes produce wrong markup if extra care has not been taken (i.e: is "quirky"), has a lot of legacy conventions and practices behind it, may be somewhat hard to learn, and in general is not recommended for new projects. You should probably use a different static site generator for them, including possibly a custom home-grown one based on a build system and a template system or a preprocessor.

See Also

  • Latemp - a static site generator based on Website Meta Language (similar to the relationship between LaTeX above TeX ) - the link contains some further reflection on the contemporary situation of choosing a static site generator.