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A mirror of the KiCad development branch, which is hosted at launchpad using bzr (updated every 10 minutes)
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3d-viewer fix Coverity warning (CID 151565) (CID 155147) Apr 1, 2017
bitmap2component Add -Wshadow compil option, if exists to warn about shadowed variables. Feb 23, 2017
demos Action plugins: handle undo/redo feature when running an action plugin. Feb 6, 2017
eeschema Merge branch 'master' of Apr 8, 2017
gerbview Gerbview: Fix an issue in aperture macro for a Circle AM primitive in… Apr 8, 2017
helpers Extended fixes_alias description Oct 7, 2016
include Fix a few issues when changing a color in render, in GAL mode. Apr 5, 2017
kicad Move executable name constants to own file Mar 23, 2017
lib_dxf Explicitly mark overriding functions. Sep 24, 2016
patches Patch OpenCascade Community Edition (OCE) to fix mingw UTF8 file name… Mar 14, 2017
pcb_calculator Calculator: Simplify color code tolerance chooser + typo Mar 13, 2017
pcbnew Fix a typo in a tool tip Apr 8, 2017
plugins Workaround for non-ASCII filenames in Windows Mar 3, 2017
polygon CPolyLine -> SHAPE_POLY_SET refactor. Mar 24, 2017
potrace Update potrace library from 1.12 to 1.13, due to a bug fix in 1.13 Feb 28, 2016
qa Cmakelists: remove no longer used boost libraries from required boost… Apr 7, 2017
scripting Pcbnew: Add ACTION_PLUGINS class. It allows loading python scripts in… Jan 23, 2017
scripts Add python script for DDR3 length matching using T topology. Sep 28, 2016
template Make pagelayout_default.kicad_wks match defaultPageLayout Sep 17, 2016
tools Fix building benchmark test Mar 8, 2017
utils Mark kicad-ogltest as GUI binary for Windows and MacOS Apr 7, 2017
.gitignore gitignore: add .DS_Store Jan 23, 2017
AUTHORS.txt Update credits in AUTHORS.txt and about dialog. Nov 29, 2015
CMakeLists.txt Cmakelists: remove no longer used boost libraries from required boost… Apr 7, 2017
Doxyfile Remove MaxUndoItems, make devel option DevelMaxUndoItems May 12, 2016
INSTALL.txt Updated INSTALL.txt to list new dependncies. Fixed a dead link to doc… Sep 4, 2016
README.txt Update the REAMDE.txt to reflect the current structure Sep 16, 2016
copyright.h Update year in copyright header template Mar 19, 2017
license_for_documentation.txt 1) Add "rules" to base of tree for copying into BZR_HOME/rules. May 26, 2013
uncrustify.cfg Fix case statement indentation setting for uncrustify. Jan 8, 2015


For specific documentation like Compiling, GUI translation, old
changelogs see the Documentation subfolder.

AUTHORS.txt       - The authors, contributors, document writers and translators list
CMakeList.txt     - Main CMAKE build tool script
COPYRIGHT.txt     - A copy of the GNU General Public License Version 2
CTestConfig.cmake - Support for CTest and CDash testing tools
Doxyfile          - Doxygen config file for KiCad
INSTALL.txt       - The release (binary) installation instructions
TODO.txt          - Todo list (looks outdated)
uncrustify.cfg    - Uncrustify config file for uncrustify sources formatting tool

3d-viewer         - Sourcecode of the 3D viewer
bitmap2component  - Sourcecode of the bitmap to pcb artwork converter
bitmaps_png       - Menu and program icons
CMakeModules      - Modules for the CMAKE build tool
common            - Sourcecode of the common library
cvpcb             - Sourcecode of the CvPCB tool
demos             - Some demo examples
Documentation     - Developer documentation. Old changelogs etcetera.
eeschema          - Sourcecode of the schematic editor
gerbview          - Sourcecode of the gerber viewer
helpers           - Helper tools and utilities for development
include           - Interfaces to the common library
kicad             - Sourcecode of the project manager
lib_dxf           - Sourcecode of the polygon library
new               - Staging area for the new schematic library format
pagelayout_editor - Sourcecode of the pagelayout editor
patches           - Collection of patches for external dependencies
pcbnew            - Sourcecode of the printed circuit board editor
plugins           - Sourcecode of the new plugin concept
polygon           - Sourcecode of the polygon library
potrace           - Sourcecode of the potrace library
qa                - Testcases using the python interface
resources         - Resources for freedesktop mime-types for linux
scripting         - SWIG Python scripting definitions
scripts           - Helper scripts for various things
template          - Project and pagelayout templates
tools             - Other miscellaneous helpers for testing
utils             - Small utils for kicad, e.g. IDF tools

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