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Utilities and example for using CMake to build Cython modules.
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Cython is hybrid C-Python language to easily write Python C-extensions. Cython allows one to write fast Python-ish code and easily integrate C or C++ code.

CMake is a cross-platform build system with good support for C/C++. With simple projects description scripts, CMakeLists.txt, a powerful configuration system is available. The configuration can be handled with a command line interface, curses interface, or Qt GUI interface.

This repository has CMake utilities for building Cython projects with CMake. The rectangle example from the Cython documentation is built to demonstrate their use. An example is also provided that shows registering a C callback with a function defined in a Cython module.

The features of this build system include:

  • Easy configuration of build settings.
  • Easy integration of external libraries.
  • Implicit Makefile dependency generation for .pxd files.
  • Implicit Makefile dependency generation for C/C++ headers.
  • Out-of-source builds.

The project is tested across platforms on the nightly dashboard.


Build Dependencies

Test Dependencies

Build Instructions

mkdir cython_example_build
cd cython_example_build
cmake /path/to/src/cython-cmake-example


In your CMake configuration, make sure that PYTHON_LIBRARY, PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR, and CYTHON_EXECUTABLE are all using the same CPython version.

To run the tests:

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