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# Defines the CMake commands/policies
cmake_minimum_required( VERSION 2.8.5 )
# Set the project name
# Make the scripts available in the 'cmake' directory available for the
# 'include()' command, 'find_package()' command.
# Include the CMake script UseCython.cmake. This defines add_cython_module().
# Instruction for use can be found at the top of cmake/UseCython.cmake.
include( UseCython )
# With CMake, a clean separation can be made between the source tree and the
# build tree. When all source is compiled, as with pure C/C++, the source is
# no-longer needed in the build tree. However, with pure *.py source, the
# source is processed directly. To handle this, we reproduce the availability
# of the source files in the build tree.
add_custom_target( ReplicatePythonSourceTree ALL ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -P
include_directories( ${CYTHON_CMAKE_EXAMPLE_SOURCE_DIR}/include )
find_file( NOSETESTS_EXECUTABLE nosetests )
add_test( nosetests "${NOSETESTS_EXECUTABLE}" -v --with-xunit )
# Process the CMakeLists.txt in the 'src' and 'bin' directory.
add_subdirectory( src )
add_subdirectory( bin )