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@thexmanxyz thexmanxyz released this Aug 12, 2018


  • initial release
  • Gantry 5 Atom for Wordpress, Grav and Joomla
  • extends the default favion and touch icon generation
  • migration from this Gantry Extension


  • extends the Gantry templating framework
  • different tag generation modes
    • automatic, semi-automatic, manual and custom only
  • favicon and touch icon tag generation for many known devices
    • e.g. 16px, 32px, 57px, 60px, 72px, 76px, 96px, 114px, 120px, 144px, 152px, 180px, 192px
    • manifest file, tile color, theme color
    • MS wide and square icons
    • Safari mask icon
  • custom tag generation for unsupported or future icon sizes
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