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Gantry Package Builder - Shell Script

This project contains a Windows Shell script which allows with a minimal configuration to automatically build Joomla plugin and Gantry component archives. The Gantry Package Builder can be easily configured to assist the release process with a consistent naming scheme and a flexible setup for the actual package content.


  • 7-Zip
  • Windows Shell


Download v1.0.0 of the Gantry Package Builder.

Configuration and Parameters

The Gantry Package Builder consists of the following two script files:

  • build.bat: contains the configuration variables for the build script
  • base-build.bat: contains the actual build script

The following configuration parameters are available:

  • scr_remove_folders: 0 or 1, defines if the temporary files should be removed after completion
  • scr_log_files: 0 or 1, defines if the script should log the processed files
  • prj_id: the unique identifier of the project, typically consists of three characters e.g. abc
  • prj_rev: the revision of the project e.g. v1.2.3.
  • prj_name: the name of the project which is used for the file generation and identification e.g. Joomla or Gantry files
  • prj_fullname: the human readable project name for debug and log outputs
  • prj_title_hr: horizontal line for debug and log outputs
  • prj_def_lang: the default language of the project e.g. EN
  • prj_sup_langs: the languages supported by the project, comma separated list e.g. EN, DE
  • pkg_g5_name: a string appended to every Gantry package name to distinguish between Gantry object types e.g. particle.only or atom.only
  • pkg_g5_def_files: a set of default files that should be included within the Gantry package, comma separated list e.g. LICENSE,
  • pkg_j3_def_files: a set of default files that included within the Joomla plugin package, comma separated list e.g. LICENSE.pdf or README.txt
  • pkg_expl_files: a list of explicit files that should be added to all packages, e.g. abc.html.twig
  • pkg_lang_id: identification of the language source file, either file extension or full filename
  • pkg_file_ext: file extensions that should be automatically added to all packages, comma separated list e.g. yaml or html.twig
  • pkg_release_folder: the target release folder were the created packages should be finally moved to e.g. ..\releases would create releases\v1.2.3 in the root folder of the project
  • pkg_def_enable: 0 or 1, defines if the Gantry default package should be generated
  • pkg_leg_enable: 0 or 1, defines if the Gantry legacy package should be generated
  • pkg_helium_enable: 0 or 1, defines if the Joomla plugin for Helium should be generated
  • pkg_hydro_enable: 0 or 1, defines if the Joomla plugin for Hydrogen should be generated
  • pkg_global_enable: 0 or 1, defines if the Joomla plugin for global installation should be generated

The build files have to be placed in a directory at least one layer below the project root to work correctly e.g. root\build or root\make.

Take a look on my other Gantry projects to get some examples on how you have to structure your project directory to be compatible with the Gantry Package Builder.


  • automates the build process and creates all required packages at once
  • flexible and easy configuration as well as full control over the package content
  • built-in support for Gantry Particles and Atoms
  • built-in support for the Joomla plugin system
  • Joomla plugins can be explicitely created for the Gantry templates Helium or Hydrogen
  • Joomla plugins can be created for a global installation which removes dependencies on a particular template
  • multi-language support to create packages for different languages
  • legacy support which allows to create archives for certain target platforms
  • restrict the packages that should be generated for your release
  • additional files can be selectively added to your Gantry and Joomla archives
  • option to enable detailed debug information during the build process
  • define a folder to organize your releases for a clear overview of your current and past project revisions

Future Tasks

  • Grav plugin package generation
  • Wordpress plugin package generation

Known Issues

  • none



by thex | gantryprojects

Copyright (c) 2018, free to use in personal and commercial software as per the license.


A windows shell script which allows with a minimal configuration to build Joomla plugin and Gantry component packages.







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